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Network integrated control keyboard

Network integrated control keyboard (hereinafter referred to as keyboard) is an operating equipment featuring operation control, security monitoring host, intelligent camera, digital video recorder and alarm host. The keyboard has Internet access and RS485 access, can control the network and the traditional analog security equipment, and built-in SISO, PELCO, EREN, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, KALATEL and other intelligent camera control protocol, HIKVISION, DAHUA, has a built-in DALI digital video recorder control protocol.

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 Decoding function


- Supports H.265 Main Profile Level5.1、H.264 Baseline / Main / High Profile Level5.0、MPEG4 SP L0 ~ L3 / ASP L0-L5、MJPEG、JPEG Baseline decoding.

- Supports 4 channel 4K / 16 channel 1080P / 32 channel 720P / 64 channel D1 video decoding. Supports 4K, 500W, 300W, 200W, 130W and other standard video decoding.

- Supports PAL / NTSL other standard formats. 

- Supports standard ONVIF access. 

- Supports video RTSP streaming. 

- Supports for video file playback.

- Compatible with all standard ONVIF network camera, network video server protocol (NVR) and other video sources.


Encoding function


- Supports HDMI signal coding.

- Supports the input signal H.264 Baseline, Main, High Profile Level5.1 standard coding. 

- Supports MJPEG / JPEG Baseline coding. 

- Supports encoding 1080P, 720P resolution, etc.

- When encoding support resolution and frame rate adjustable.

- Supports encrypting the encoded video stream.


Output function


- Supports two HDMI2.0 output interfaces; backward compatible HDMI1.3 and other versions. 

- 1 channel HDMI2.0 output supports 3840 × 2160 @ 60fps, 1 channel HDMI2.0 output 1080P @ 60fps. Single-screen supports up to 64 split display.

- The equipment comes with 8 inch high screen direct display, support 1024*600 resolution; support 36 split screen video output.




- With 1-channel audio input and 1 channel audio output.

- Supports 16bit voice input and output.




- With 1 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive network port, connect the network to achieve the signal input. Alarm

- Support RS485 extended access alarm device, Support single machine 8092 channel. alarm input and output management. 

- Support alarm linkage.

- Support platform linkage.

USB Interface

Three USB2.0 interfaces

- Support keyboard, mouse access, support mouse operation interface; mouse access, HDMI1 port in the video directly superimposed operation interface, intuitive and easy to operate equipment.

- Access to external storage device, such as mobile hard disk, U disk.




- With 4 dimensional joystick, you can easily and easily operate PTZ, camera, ball machine and other equipment.

Take the shuttle, including inside and outside the knob, can directly operate NVR/DVR equipment (SDK) Provide SDK/ control protocol, access to the client's required platforms and systems

- Support device configuration, remote backup and recovery, support remote key upgrade.

- Support equipment, cloud control, cloud backup, remote control, etc..

 - Support remote / local configuration file import and export.

Model No.


Decoding output

LCD Display

8 inch high-definition screen,1024*600 display output


Support HDMI2.0 version, support 4K, 1920x1080p,1920x1080i,1280x720p,1280x720i format and custom resolution output


Support HDMI1.4 version, support 1920x1080P,1920x1080i,1280x720P,1280X720I format and custom resolution

Endoing input


Supports the input signal H.264 Baselin, Main, High Profile Level5.1 standard coding


Network Video

with 1/10/100/1000 Mbps adaptive netwrok port, connect the network to achieve the signal input



Support RS485 extended access alarm device

USB2.0 interface, support keyboard, mouse, mobile hard disk, U disk access


4 dimension al joystick

Operate pan head, camera, ball machine and other equipments

Rotating Shuttle

Operate NVR/DVR and other devices(provide SDK)


Digital input, matrix function, PTZ control




Temperature from -20°C - 70°C


Humidity from 10% - 90%




450*245*80mm(exluding rocker) / 450x245x125mm(with rocker)

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