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  • How will companys and schools reopen safely?
    How will companys and schools reopen safely?
    on July 14,2020.

    As people reopen work and study,we still need to protect ourself from the threat of coronavirus Following the devastation caused by the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, the world has been forced to accept that this and other such threats in the future can shatter the lives of millions of people around the world – both directly and also indirectly through the collapse of economies. But with the aid of the latest intelligent thermal processing technology, it is possible to monitor, detect and contain individuals who pose a threat to others, increasing the safety of workplaces, schools and colleges and leisure activities such as sports matches, theatre, restaurants and so on. Thermographic cameras for measuring body temperature Winsafe presents the new thermographic cameras FTMC series for temperature control . These cameras are able to analyze, with great precision, people's body temperature, thus managing to instantly detect cases of fever . These cameras are massively installed in crowded places (supermarkets, hotels, transport), as a containment measure for COVID-19. Thermographic cameras FTMC-AH31308 are equipped with a highly innovative and powerful algorithm for high precision temperature measurement. In addition, they incorporate artificial intelligence based on face detection . This allows you to filter out any type of false alarm generated by other heat sources (cigarettes, coffee, bulbs, etc.).

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  • Body temperature measurement products with face recognition function hot sale
    Body temperature measurement products with face recognition function hot sale
    on July 8,2020.

    Body temperature measurement products with face recognition function are hot sale! Recently, body temperature measurement products based on face recognition technology plays an important role in school, airport, enterprise, subway, railway, etc, which includes access control system and thermal imaging camera with black body. They totally achieve “no human contact” to capture people’s facial details and save the data into the software in PC. WINSAFE access control system WS-W2000 can automatically reads body temperature in two seconds at the distance of 30-50 cm standing in front of screen. In the system, there is option of face mask mode or no face mask mode. When in epidemic, it can help identify illnesses and avoid the spread of viruses. After the end of the epidemic, this access control system still can be a good helper. WINSAFE model No. FTMC-9288 s equipped with an intelligent dual cam human body temperature measuring camera and a human temperature measurement blackbody. Black body is as constant temperature source for calibration, then ensure the accuracy. It allows four people to measure the temperature at the same time, people counting, temperature abnormal alarm, face recognition and other functions.

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  • Video conferencing becomes a part of Working from home during Coronavirus.
    Video conferencing becomes a part of Working from home during Coronavirus.
    on April 27,2020.

    How to build a professional video conference at home? The coronavirus cases continues to rise rapidly all over the world, and there are signs in some places that new infections may be leveling off. But aggressive social distancing remains crucial to controlling the spread of the virus. With the spread of the epidemic, global enterprises are forced to enter the state of remote home office, which will last for a long time. We are familiar with this situation: holding various remote meetings at home, video training, and cooperating in the preparation of various working documents… There are many choices for video conferences. There is Skype,zoom,webex,bluejeans…ect. Many of the issues with video conferencing are not the applications themselves, but our own devices and connections. Microphone quality varies wildly across smartphones and laptops, leaving some people sounding crystal clear like they are hanging out on the other end of your sofa and others sounding like they are mumbling in the middle of an empty tunnel miles away. In this period of time, only then knew own notebook's camera quality unexpectedly so bad! If you don't believe it, you can check the camera parameters on your laptop model. How many laptop cams can shoot above 1080p and more than 1 million pixels? Due to the dim light in the room, if you use a laptop camera to hold a remote meeting, the picture will fall to pieces…To avoid co-workers asking you to repeat things over and over, do not rely on built-in computer cam and microphones. To help remote workers hold the high quality conference well at home, we update three models video conference webcam, USB easily connect to PC and plug and play. And There is even a feature called “beauty retouch” to hide any minor skin flaws and add a subtle glow… MZC 4K USB webcam for video conference. MZC Series auto tracking EPTZ camera helps to achieve intelligent meeting experience, implemented with intelligent video analysis and EPTZ technology, it can automatically frame meeting participants in the room, and it fres of camera operation during a meeting and enables meeting attendees to focus more on discussion. UHV-100H-U3 UHV-100H-U3S is a professional 4K Ultra HD Eptz video conferencing camera, 4X digital zoom, 110 degree super wide angle, no PSU requested, power/control/video from USB3.0 and USB2.0, idea option for infividual desktop and huddle room video conferencing UHV-300-U3 USB 3.0/HDMI/LAN Video Conference 4K Camera with Built-in pickup to present clear stereo sound and microphone all in one.

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  • WINSAFE release some epidemic prevention materials to against COVID-19
    WINSAFE release some epidemic prevention materials to against COVID-19
    on April 13,2020.

    On April 8th, the news of WUHAN unblocking has become a reality. It means that Chinese government makes great success in anti-epidemic. At the same time, other countries are still in huge pressure posed by current COVID-19 situation. As the number of new infections reported around the world continues to grow crazily and medical items are out of stock, whole medical system is facing a crash almost in many countries. Because we have experienced dark time of COVID-19, we can better understand the feeling of people from other countries. We sincerely hope that people can stay at home to keep safe during lockdown and take necessary protective measures, although entertainment is important. Life is first In order to fight the epidemic, WINSAFE launches some epidemic prevention materials which include body temperature measurement thermal system, face recognition infrared access system, etc. We also cooperate with famous brand in some products to promote product completion. These products are powerful assistants to help every customer in COVID-19 to achieve “no-touch” AI Dul-Cam Body Temperature Measurement Thermal System FTMC-AH31308 The system ontact 3 parst. 1. Dual-Camera boty Temprature measurement thermal camera 2. Body Black 3. Control Software Feature - Uncooled thermal image camera - Detect resolution 384 x 288 - Sensor size 17μm - Spectral range 8-14μm - Sensitivity < 50mk@300K,f1.0 - 13mm thermal imaging lens - Daylight imaging:1/2.5” SONY Exmor CMOS - 8mm daylight camera focal lens - H.265/H.264 video compression - Face detection, face recognition, people counting, AI tracking capability - Support multi-point high temperature triggers automatic tracking alarm - Temperature measurement range: 26°C – 46°C AI Face Recognition Access Control System with Temperature Measurement/WS-W2000 - Non-contact measurement, safe and reliable -  High-precision MEMS infrared sensor for more accurate measurement - Two-color backlight, red reminder when exceeding police bounds - Compact body, easy to apply - Ambient temperature, forehead temperature dynamic compensation - Voice prompt function - Fahrenheit and celsius mode selection - Auto power off mode Hope all of us hard work, we will beat the COVID-19 in near future!

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  • Video conferencing is a great way to work together without the fear of spreading coronavirus
    Video conferencing is a great way to work together without the fear of spreading coronavirus
    on March 17,2020.

    Video conferencing is a great way to work together without the fear of spreading coronavirus Winsafe new speaker tracking Camera/AMC-G200T/AMC-G200TH for Intelligent video conference From being ostracised by the international community as the centre of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, China is seeking to reframe itself as a global expert that can help hard-hit regions battle the disease. With the increase of global coronavirus cases and deaths, the virus has a huge effect on the global economy. Countries have imposed travel ban. More and more companies scramble to protect employees from the spreading coronavirus with travel restrictions and remote work arrangements. Obviously, in a few months, many important business meetings with teams, customers or suppliers may be cancelled. We can achieve more humanized communication through more intelligent real-time video conference, which can make team members communicate with each other and improve morale. This experience is not as pleasant as face-to-face meetings, but it is also efficient. In order to make people feel like they are in the same meeting, in addition to video conferencing applications such as zoom, Skype and gotomeeting, high-quality video conferencing cameras are also needed for efficient collaboration. Video conferencing is more effective when people can see each other's facial expressions and body language. We can not only use video conference camera to conduct remote video conference, but also hold webinars, education and training courses, telemedicine sharing, etc As one of China's leading manufacturers of video conference PTZ cameras, winsafe to do everything in our power to support those affected by the coronavirus outbreak, providing reliable products and convenient customer service. For that, We release a new Speaker Tracking HD PTZ camera  model#AMC-G200TH,which will be with 12x optical zoom, 72.5degree angle of viewing,1080P60 full HD PTZ, Simultaneously output 3G-SDI, HDMI, USB2.0, Ethernet. Its unique and solid design, will make it a best option even for middle to big video conferencing. AMC-G200TH speaker tracking camera helps to optimize intelligent meeting experience, implemented with both audio positioning and intelligent video analysis technologies. With one camera, it quickly locates the active speaker and presents a close-up of that speaker. And It can automatically switch between close-up image and full-view image to frame the speaker(s). It frees of camera operation during a meeting and enables meeting attendees to focus more on discussion.

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  • WINSAFE Back to work from 2020 CNY New Year
    WINSAFE Back to work from 2020 CNY New Year
    on March 10,2020.

    Winsafe starts to work from February 26th! Due to coronavirus, 2020 Spring Festival has become longest holiday than ever before for all staff in China. However, Chinese government has slowed down the number of patient with COVID-19 through drastic measures. Knowing that it is a difficult war, we are also worried for people in other countries when getting the news that South Korea, Italy and other countries are in the outbreak. Based on epidemic situation, more and more people will choose to stay indoor. Telemedicine and teleconference are more be used on many situation. WINSAFE 4K PTZ Video Conference Camera/Lecturer Tracking PTZ Cameras/USB PTZ Video Conference Cameras will offer the high quality image, easy connect and easy use, will let your life will be more easy New year coming, we release our new Speaker Tracking Cameras/AMC-G200T/AMC-G200TH, welcome you ask more details information about this two cameras.

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    on 2019-11-14

    METSTRADE show the world's biggest and most visited B2B leisure marine equipment show, which has been bring the marine industry together for decades.METSTRADE SHOW 2019 will be held on 19-21, Nov. at Amsterdam RAI. This gobal business platform and community focuses on innovation, market developments, and on-site networking. It offer you more good product and solution. WINSAFE factory will bring our Maritime PTZ family cameras & our Maritime IP67 Controller to the exhibition, which offer more clear video and easy control by the captain,esure the safe navigation of the ship. More details information welcome to visit our booth to learn. Date: November 19-21,2019 Address: Amsterdam RAI Booth No.11.217 PATC F Camera & PATC-D Camera & ODM maritime keyboard controller will be how on the exhibition.

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  • CPSE 2019 Was Held on 28th-31th on Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
    CPSE 2019 Was Held on 28th-31th on Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center
    on November 5,2019.

    China Public Security Exop(CPSE) was founded in 1989 in shenzhen, having been successfully organized 16 sessions. The most influential exhibition in the world. The 17th China Public Security Expo had been held from October 28th to October 31st, 2019 at the shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, which will present the world's leading artificial intell. Exhibition Info Duration: Oct 28-31, 2019(Every Odd Year) Location: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China. 110,000 m2 exhibition area, 1500 Exhibitors & 130,000 professional visitor from 150 + Countries and Regions.

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  • WINSAFE PATC-F Maritime Thermal Camera on HK Globalsources Show
    WINSAFE PATC-F Maritime Thermal Camera on HK Globalsources Show
    on 2019-11-05

    The world’s largest Electronics sourcing show was held on Oct. 11-14th.2019 at AsiaWorld-Expo, HongKong SAR, it contain consumer electronics, security, components, Plus Drones & Robotics on the exhibition. WINSAFE PATC-F Maritime Thermal Camera/ PTZ/PATC-FZ640S3002GT was showed on the boutique exhibition area at globalsources. It attracted many professional customers, aske more details and send inquire to us. PATC-F Series dual payload thermal PTZ Camera is a maritime standard ruggedized thermal vision system. Housed with aluminum, the camera is anti-corrosive and IP67 rated, enabling it to work properly even in tough sea environment. The camera incorporates a 640x480/384x288 uncooled thermal core and a 30x daylight camera. Added its radar tracking, video tracking, digital stabilization, 25hz/30hz continuous thermal imaging capability easy control with maritime keyboard controller, making the camera aperfect system to assist mariners to safely navigate.

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  • IBC2019
    on September 17,2019.

    IBC world's most influential meida, entertainment & technology show. A world-class exhibition packed with free-to-attend feature areas and events, the IBC Exhibition with 1,700 exhibitors provides the perfect platform to network, build relationships & discover the latest trends and technologies. It had been showed on 13-17 September 2019 RAI AMSTERDAM. As the video conference system more and more pupular, the AI and smooth tracking camera will be more needed, WINSAFE AMC-G200T speaker tracking ptz camera with two camera and 8 microphone at the bottom to detect the voice from the conference room and give the order to camera tracking, offer more smooth and easy conference environment.

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  • Infocomm India 2019
    Infocomm India 2019
    on September 9,2019.

    InfoComm India is the only dedicated exhibition platform for Professional  AudioVisual(Pro-AV) and Integrated Experience Solutions in the thriving nation. In the six years since its 2013 inception, the premier event has drwan record highs in visitorship and participation. Infocomm 2019 will be show on 18-20 Septemper 2019 at Bombay Exhitibion Centre, Mumbai. WINSAFE Factory bring our Auto Tracking EPTZ Camera/Lecturer Capture Caemras/4K EPTZ Cameras/Communication camera famliy to the exhibition, welcome all customer to our booth at meeting, learn more of our company and product.

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  • Infocomm Beijing 2019
    Infocomm Beijing 2019
    on July 22,2019.

    Beijing Infocomm China had been show on 17-19 July 2019(Wed - Fri) at China National Convention Center(CNCC),Beijing, China.  WINSAFE factory attended the exhibition, the booth No.C06-01. Many of our customer liked and visited our booth, see more of our speaker tracking ptz cameras, new 4K video conference camera, letcuture tracking ptz cameras and other usb ptz cameras, we are very sucussefuly on the exhibition.

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