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WINSAFE webcamare good used on the huddle conference room and live broadcasting and education, contain 1080p, 4K ePTZ & 4K Auto fram ePTZ and all-in-one seires camera, it can suitable different customer request. Easy connected and good image.
All-in-one Webcam

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  • 4K USB Webcam
    4K USB Webcam
    WINSAFE 4K USB Wecam/UHV-50H-U2 with AI autofocus, support Eptz, built-in 2 omnidirectional microphones. New design with high quality and lower price. It is easy to connect with your meeting and offer the hight quality image.
  • 4k All-in-one Soundbar Camera
    4K Mini Video Soundbar
    WINSAFE 4K Mini Video Soundbar AMC-G305U with Auto Framing & Video Soundbar function together. Integrated design of 4K cam, microphone & speaker, easy setup the reomote conference by USB Cable. 4KP20 offer the high quality image, wide HFOV Up to 90 degree, voice pick up 3 meters, ratating privacy and compact design, easy to connect and carry. It can be used on small & middle meeting.
  • 4K ePTZ UHD Video Camera
    4K USB3.0 ePTZ Webcam with Auto-faming
    WINSAFE UHV-700-AI is a professional 3-in-1 webcam that integrates a 4K EPTZ HD camera, electret microphone and high-performance speakers. It uses a 1/2.8-inch 4k ultra-high-definition CMOS sensor with 8.29 million pixels, which can provide 4K high-quality ultra-clear images with an output frame rate of up to 30 fps. Presenting clear and realistic high-definition video quality, vividly showing the expressions and movements of the characters

    WINSAFE UHV-700-AI Webcam adopts 120 super wide-angle distortion-free camera, supports 5x digital zoom and automatic viewfinder function, built-in 2 high-sensitivity 360 microphones and 1 high-performance speaker, providing clear and natural sound quality. With high-quality noise reduction algorithm, the pickup range can reach 5 meters.

    The USB-C interface, which integrates power supply and transmission(optional), is simple and convenient, and supports UVC and UAC protocols. It can be applied to personal video applications, collaborative work and other application scenarios. USB-A can expand the pickup range to 8 meters by adding expansion microphones.
  • 4k Auto Focus Webcam
    4K Auto Focus Webcam
    UHV-100-U2-4K is a high quality 4K auto focus webcam. Only one USB(Type-C) cable is used to enable power, control and video. Thanks to being equipped with advanced image processing solution and sensor, it presents realistic color, sharp and smooth image.
    UHV-100-U2-4K is developed with our own-developing focusing algorithm, to make the focus unrivalled fast and acuurate. Built-in top-rated quality microphone, it can pick up the voice crystal-clearly.
    UHV-100-U2-4K is the ideal for desktop video conferencing and live steaming.
  • 2K AI All-in-one USB Conference Camera
    2K AI All-in-one USB Conference Camera
    WINSAFE UHV-600-AI Conference Camera provides you with a true face-to-face meeting experience by delivering 2K resolution video with crystal image. Powerd by cutting-edge AI technology,  UHV-600-AI camera automatically focuses on the current speaker. When there are different active speakers involved, it can focus on all participants into the video conferencing room.

  • 4K ePTZ UHD Video Camera
    4K ePTZ UHD Video Camera with Auto-Framing
    UHV-100M-U2-4K is a professional 4K Ultra HD EPTZ video conferencing camera,  no PSU requested, power/control/video from USB2.0, ideal option for video conferencing in huddle room and small space. Also it with built-in dual microphones, max. pick up distance 5 meters. Also it support auto-framing to give best video experience.
  • Steaming Camera
    USB2.0 1080P Steam Camera
    WINSAFE WS-M02 is cost-effective USB2.0 1080P HD camera, built-in omnidirectional sound absorption and noise reduction microphone, clear communication.High-definition lens, good light transmission, true color reproduction,effectively reduce image distrortion. No drive need, easy to connect, it can be used on online teaching, live broadcast, video conference, video chat, smart TV extemal device.
  • Full 1080P USB2.0 Webcam
    USB2.0 Full HD 1080P Webcam for Conferecing
    WINSAFE UHV-VA100 is full HD 1080P webcam, with a 96 degree ultra-wide field of view, deigned for steaming. Professional fulll HD 1080p/30fps brings extraordinary video quality to enhance face-to-face collaboration. Built-in ring light, adjustable 3 levels of brightness, with touch screen control and facial enhancement technology, automatically optimize the image, makes the video steaming more professional. VA100 3-in-1 video conferencing webcam can be used on small business video meetings, vloggers, steamers, distance learning etc.
  • Soundbar
    4K All-in-one video Camera with Soundbar
    WINSAFE UHV-VA600-4K is a professional 4K UHD Video Conferencing ePTZ camera with soundbar, it is integrated sharp video and crystal-clear audio, to enable real all-in-one and plug-and-play video conferencing, bring users truely simple and friendly experience. Especially designed for small space and huddle room.
  • 4K Soundbar
    4K Video Soundbar for Efficient Collaboration/AMC-G309
    WINSAFE 4K Video Soundbar/AMC-G309 for Efficient Collaboration,USB drive free,110° field view, 4x digital zoom with Ethernet interace. Good used on the huddle video conference.
  • 4K ePTZ Webcam with Auto Fram
    4K ePTZ Webcam with Auto Fram
    MZC-F22UV5 are 4K ePTZ Webcam with Auto Fram,  it  helps to achieve intelligent meeting experience, implemented with intelligent video analysis and EPTZ technology, it can automatically frame meeting participants in the room, and it fres of camera operation during a meeting and enables meeting attendees to focus more on discussion.
  • All-in-One Conference 4K Webcam
    All-in-One Conference Webcam/UHV-VA Series
    WINSAFE VA500 series are conferencecams designed for Huddle rooms and small conference rooms. The high-fidelity Omni-directional microphones can pick up the sound in 4M and the speaker ensures the sound crystal clear. Compacting all-in-one design, USB plug and play, it simply works with any video conferencing software applications and cloud services.
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