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  •  Low Latency FULL NDI 1080P PTZ Video Camera 20X/10X for Living Steaming
    Low Latency FULL NDI 1080P PTZ Video Camera 20X/10X for Living Steaming
    on April 18,2022.

    After some time, we release the Low Latency FULL NDI 1080P PTZ Video Camera 20X/10X, which is integrated with our custom NDI Silicon chip, with latest NDI 5, to provide impressed high quality image at low bandwidth. A single cable enables power, video, control and Tally. 1080P60, 20X/10X Optical zoom NDI, HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB2.0 outout, SRT, RTMP/RTMPS supported. WINSAFE’s live steaming video present a professional audiovisual solution at an affordable price. Multiple output interfaces make video production and transmission easier than ever. With stable pan-tilts cooperating with easy-to-operate controllers, PTZ live steaming cameras vividly capture every moment. UHV-20X-IP-S(FNDI)/ Low Latency FULL NDI 1080P PTZ Video Camera 20X/10X for Living Steaming ※ 1080p60 FHD video resolution ※ 20x/10X Optical Zoom ※ NDI ®, HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB2.0 video interface, Line in audio interface ※ NDI® 5 Integrated ※ SRT supported ※ Power over Ethernet NDI 5 is newer than NDI | HX, high bandwidth NDI transmits full HD video at a maximum of 125 Mbps, enabling high-quality, low-latency live video transmission. With high bandwidth NDI, UHV-20(10X)-IP-S(FNDI) performs high image quality and low latency for live video production. We are looking forward our FULL NDI PTZ Video Camera bring you more surprises to you! Application

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  • WINSAFE 4K60FPS Live Steaming PTZ Camera Release
    WINSAFE 4K60FPS Live Steaming PTZ Camera Release
    on March 31,2022.

    Living Steaming can reach everyone in real time, whether you're live streaming a conference, webinar, or your company all-hands. Live streaming gives you a way to connect with your employees, customers, and community. With the development and the continuation of the epidemic in this years. Live streaming selling is a trendy way of online visual marketing, and is proven to be more cost-effective than traditional model. This is especially true for small businesses. Compared with the traditional selling model, live streaming selling wins in several aspects, including the ability to reach an extended group of target audience, convenience of operating with several portable devices, cutting costs and much more With the help of a cloud-based live streaming PTZ cameras, effective online visual marketing can be easily achieved. Real-time interaction is maintained through high video  resolution, color fidelity, low latency and simultaneous streaming and recording. WINSAFE release the new 4K60fps 30X & 12X PTZ Camera, can used on the living steaming, it can good used on the broadcasting, church living steaming etc. Why you choose our cameras for your living steaming. -       4K60FPS high definition improving visual experience -       Superb color fidelity presents every moment more vividly -       Compatible with most devices makes transmission more smooth -       Low latency ensures the audience better engagement -       Easy to adjust view angles through simple PTZ controller -       Outstanding functional cameras at an affordable price

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  • WINSAFE Units All-in-One Video Conferencing System Hot Sale
    WINSAFE Units All-in-One Video Conferencing System Hot Sale
    on June 25,2021.

    WINSAFE professional and higher quality All-in-One video and audio conferencing system for any conference room. The enterprise-quality video conferencing system takes anytime, anywhere video collaboration to a new level. No more cable need let the conference more easy and more convenience. WINSAFE Unites contain 1pcs 10X USB 1080P Video Conference Camera, 1pcs Bluetooth Speakerphone, 1pcs Hub and 2pcs Expansion Microphones. All packing in one box, you can have the meeting any where and any time. For example: distance laring, telemedicine, teleconferencing, distance training, distance interview, classroom camera, church camera and so on. 1pcs 10X USB PTZ Video Camera, 10X optical Zoom professional video conferencing camera for middle and big business meeting, 350 dgree pan, 90 degree tilt, the generously wide filed of view and silky smooth pan and tilt controls enhance collaboration by making it easy to see everyone in the room, plug-and-play camera setup 1pcs Bluetooth Speakerphone voice pick up range with 2pcs Expansion Mics. Remarkably rich and crystal-clear voice quality for large conference room, 2pcs Expansion Microphones, full-duplex speakerphone with DSP, everyone can hear and be heard in sound that’s crisp, and clear and high intelligible, 5 – 6m voice pick up, bluetooth wireless technology. Welcome to ask more details information.

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  • WINSAFE Launches New Solution UHV-VA600-4K 4K Soundbar Camera
    WINSAFE Launches New Solution UHV-VA600-4K 4K Soundbar Camera
    on June 15,2021.

    WINSAFE Launches new version 4K Soundbar UHV-VA600 with SigmaStar solution after the HiSilicon chip can’t be offered in normal above 1 year. UHV-VA600 4K Soundbar integrates a premium camera, microphone and speakers into an All-in-One unit for a face-to-face video conferencing experience. UHV-VA600 4K Soundbar advanced high DSP, 1/2.5” 8.5MP CMOS sensor, high quality fixed 4K lens, 120° FOV, provide sharp and crystal clear image. API supported, built in omni-directional microphone array and speaker, 120 degree wide-angle captures every participant in the conference room in high definition, the exclusive audio algorithm allow every word of the participant to be heard, the flexible and easy installation simplifies conference room deployment, truly plug-and play.

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  • MZC-F22UV5 released and insteal of MZC-F22U 4K ePTZ Camera with Auto Framing Camera
    MZC-F22UV5 released and insteal of MZC-F22U 4K ePTZ Camera with Auto Framing Camera
    on June 1,2021.

    Our 4K Eptz camera MZC-F22UV5 will instead of MZC-F22U and released in this month, now it have the sample for your testing. Because of the Hisilicon chip can’t be offer in normal last year, 4K Eptz MZC-F22U promotion little time on the market, our MZC-F22U 4K Eptz are out of sale before month, after R&D team several month work, the new Sigmaster solution and Sony sensor Our 4K Eptz/MZC-F22U which promoted on the market few times are out of sales in last year, because the Hisilicon chip can’t be offered in normal. After the R & D team serval month work, the new MZC-F22U/4K Eptz Camera with the Sigmaster solution release in near days, we had prepared more board and material to protect this model camera can be offered in normal in future to meet the market need. We believe the 4k Eptz camera with auto fram will be the future huddle meeting main product, it will be the standard version with auto fram, which let the meeting will be more easy and Convenience. MZC-F22UV5 Auto Framing Video Camera with Horiozontal 110° FOV, 4K@30fps, Auto Framing, Audio pick up, Type-C USB3.0, Small remoter controller, Metal exterior design etc. advantage will meet to more and more customer like. MZC-F22UV5/4K ePTZ Camera can compatible with famous VC software, for example: Zoom, Skype, Webex, Microsoft Teams etc.

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  • PATC-F Martime Thermal Camera are good used on the Navy Ship
    PATC-F Martime Thermal Camera are good used on the Navy Ship
    on April 30,2021.

    WINAFE PATC Series with pan/tilt/zoom hi resolution optical cameras and thermal imaging technology sets the maritime standard for robust and rugged imaging systems, which is anti-corrosive and IP67 rated, enabling it to work properly even in the roughest of sea conditions. It worked with our ODM IP66 MKB-01 controller are good used on the boats and vehicles. PATC have 640 x 480 or 384 x 288 uncooled thermal core, have the radar tracking, digital stabilization, 25hz/30hz continuous thermal  imaging capability and a maritime joystick with silicone weather skin protector or keyboard controller make this camera the perfect low-light navigation tool for assisting mariners in safe. PATC-F 30x optical and 12x digital zoom daylight camera for incredible visibility at even 0.0008 Lux. Now we have the PATC-F series for maritime application and rugged vehicle version. PATC-D can be used on the small ships,PATC -Z are be good used on Police Car & Fire Truck etc.

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  • AMC-G310309 4K Soundbar with Speaker Tracking Version will be released
    AMC-G310309 4K Soundbar with Speaker Tracking Version will be released
    on April 27,2021.

    We will release our second 4K Soundbar AMC-G309 with you, it will have black color can be choose, which can be widely used in small and mid-size meeting room. Camera Feature 1. 4K Resolution Soundbar, with 110° FOV without distortion 2. Implemented with intelligent video analysis and EPTZ technology, able to automatically frame meeting participants in the room, will have the speaker tracking version release in near future 3. Built-in microphone array with 360° omnidirectional voice pick-up, range up to 5M 4. USB 3.0 Type-B interface 5. Compact design, USB driver free, easy connection and quick installation, plug and play 6. Compatible with Windows7/8/10, Andriod, IOS etc, supports various of video conference software Welcome you connect with us more details information of our AMC-G309/310

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  • Speaker Tracking Video Conference Camera
    Speaker Tracking Video Conference Camera
    on April 9,2021.

    The topic of tracking a talking participant in a video conference over the past few years has gained momentum. The technologies made it possible to implement complex algorithms for processing audio / video information in real time, which prompted Polycom, almost 10 years ago, to introduce the world’s first mass solution with intelligent automatic speaker tracking. Polycom EagleEye Director The Polycom EagleEye Director is the first smart camera aiming solution. The solution consists of an EagleEye Director base unit and two cameras. A feature of that first implementation is that one camera is assigned only to a large view of the speaker, and the second to the general plan of the meeting room. At the same time, the general plan camera can be placed generally separately from the base in another place in the meeting room - it does not participate directly in the automatic guidance process. Polycom EagleEye Director II This is the second version of the solution from Polycom, which was released relatively recently. The operating principle has undergone changes, and has become more like a solution from Cisco. Now both PTZ cameras are the main ones and serve for seamless switching of channels from one speaker to another. For the general plan of the meeting room, a separate camera is now responsible, integrated into the base of the EagleEye Director II base unit. Retail cost of the system without a terminal - $ 13K 3 seconds average switch delay Voice guidance + video analytics High requirements for the speaker's face - you can’t hide your mouth Incompatibility with third-party equipment Cisco TelePresence SpeakerTrack 60 SpeakerTrack 60 takes a unique two-camera approach to quickly switch directly between participants. One camera quickly finds a close-up of the active speaker, and the other searches and displays the next speaker. The MultiSpeaker function prevents unnecessary switching if the next presenter is already present in the current frame. Retail cost of the system without a terminal - $ 15.9K 3 seconds average switch delay Voice guidance + video analytics Requirements for the speaker's face - did not check, did not find information Incompatibility with third-party equipment HUAWEI Intelligent Tracking Video Camera VPT300 I came across this solution from Huawei by accident. The cost of the system is about $ 9K. Only works with Huawei terminals. The developers added their own “trick” - the layout on one screen of the video from two speakers, if there is no one else in the room. WINSAFE Speaker Tracking PTZ Camera/AMC-G200T The main PTZ lenses have equal roles - their task is to alternately track speakers and display the overall plan. Analyzing the overall picture in the room and determining the distance to objects is carried out using video streams received from two cameras integrated into the base of the system. This feature allows you to reduce the reaction time of the lens, when changing the speaker, up to 1-2 seconds. The camera manages to al...

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  • 4K All-in-One Video Camera with Soundbar
    4K All-in-One Video Camera with Soundbar
    on April 2,2021.

    As the technical and conference industry develop, more and more remote conference meeting will be needed. After COVID-19, more and more meeting don’t need to face to face, the easy and simple conference meeting are be needed. The All-in-one solution video camera with soundbar is very popular, with AI technical develop, the auto fram function will be the standard version on the video conference camera. Our AMC-G309/310 special design, with typc C interface, Ethernet interface can connect with Lan and noteboor or PC only can connect by USB will have the web. It is very good for the meeting and training room. Built in speaker and microphone, auto fram all participants in the meeeitng. Let remote meeting are more easy, save more time. UHV-VA600-4K All-in-one video conference soundbar is another design, which can meet different customer need. Typc USB 2.0 interface, support ONVIF, 120° field of view. We also another two version small size 4K Eptz camera with auto fram, MZC-F22UV3, UHV-100-4K, 4X digital zoom, 110° field of view, auto fram the participants, it is good used on the Huddle Room Meeting.

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  • Happy New Year
    Happy New Year
    on December 31,2020.

    2020 is special year, we met the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all year we were great losses. However, under the government and people’s painstaking efforts and enormous sacrifice, the situation is under control, and booth the economy and people’s lives are returning to normal in China. Hope we can overcome the epidemic in 2021 and let all of the work are back to normal. Because of the pandemic, we can’t go out to work and can’t go to school. All of us need to stay at home, the online meeting, education, worship etc. are more be needed. The 4K & NDI ptz camera and Eptz camera are be good used on the conference, education and other online broadcasting. NDI will solve the voice and image transmission delay. Our many 4K 35X PTZ Camera/UHV-500H & Normal 20X NDI PTZ/UHV-20X-IP-S(NDI) Camera , Outdoor IP66 AC3 Sereis NDI PTZ Camera/AC3-NS3003N are hot sale. They are good used on the church & broadcasting. We sincerely hope it can help the people to work normal. Let us forgot the unhappiness of 2020 and welcome to new 2021! Notice: We will have the holiday from 1th.Jan. 2021 to 3th. Jan. 2021. We will back to you after we back to work.

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  • 4K Broadcast 3G-SDI HDMI USB IP UHV-500H PTZ Video Camera are good used on Church
    4K Broadcast 3G-SDI HDMI USB IP UHV-500H PTZ Video Camera are good used on Church
    on October 27,2020.

    WINSAFE new 4K NDI & 4K 35X HD PTZ Video Camera are release, because it is big sensor and high optical zoom, it is good used on the live video steaming. Because of COVID-19 pandemic, many of people can’t go to church, the  remote steam are be requested. Many churches looking into PTZ cameras because they would like the ability to record and broadcast services for members who are unable to attend; many church worship space are large. In the long term, it isn’t practical to install a camera right up front or anywhere that takes up floor space. Without the right amount of zoom, a camera placed in the back of the sanctuary gives such a wide shot that people at home can’t make out any detail. WINSAFE 4K UHV-500H & UHV-500H(NDI) PTZ Camera come in multiple zoom level options up to 35X. A WINSAFE 4K PTZ Camera/UHV-500H, for example , can easily capture head and shoulders shots from over 85 feet away and still zoom out wide enough to show the entire workship space. The ptz camera is small, unobtrusive and remote controllable. So when choosing PTZ camera for church can save time and money. PTZ cameras also have the widest range of installation and wiring options. Traditional cameras require an operator. That means they tend to take up a lot of room and are often disruptive to the worship space's look and feel. The small form factor and discrete design of PTZ cameras mean they can be installed out of the way and remain visually unseen. They can be mounted on walls, ceilings, and poles, allowing for great camera angles and no disruption. This is why the PTZ cameras are more popular on the church. WINSAFE above 1000+pcs 4K 35X PTZ Camera are installed on all over the world church after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • 2020 China National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice
    2020 China National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice
    on September 30,2020.

    To all our valued clients, In observance of the Chinese National Day and Mid-autumn Festival, AIMIR Team would take an 8-day holiday break from 1st October to 8th October to celebrate this special festival. Normal service will resume on Friday, 9th October.  Any question or help, please feel free to contact with us #, we will try our besttoreply you asap.  Many thanks for choosing WINSAFE, and we look forward to providing a good product and professional service. Wish you have a joyful day! WINSAFE Team

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