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2.4G Wireless and Digital Conference Phone with Omnidirectional MIC

WINSAFE WS-AM8-W conference telephone based on internet communication, is a 2.4G wireless digital conference, cooperating with software video system and video screen,such as Skype, QQ video or voice communication system, meeting with higher quality experience, making the meeting more efficient.
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➤ 2n audio processing tech
➤ Wireless digital technology, support multi-frequency intelligent frequency hopping, strong anti-jamming
➤ Didital microphone, broadband loudspeaker, audio enhancement
➤ Built-in battery,smart power saving mode, simple USB charging
➤ Wireless USB requires no driver, and supports operating systems sucah as WINDOWS and Android


➤ 2.4G wireless communication
    Support skype, wechat,MSN and other online
    communication software
➤ Personal conference
    Connect by 3.5mm earphone plug,communication
    will be more private and do not trouble colleague
➤ High-Tech Audio
    360-degree mic coverage
    256ms acoustic echo cancellation full duplex
➤ Portable external microphone and speaker
    No need driver, clear, unmixed and not harsh
    sound quality, elegant business appearance

WINSAFE WS-AM9-W USB conference phone is a convenient network audio and video conference,suporting audio and video conference software and IM instant communication tools such as Skype and MSN. Otherwise it can be used as external micophone and loudspeaker for your compute. Installtion of WS-AM9-W conference phone can be used as long as connected to USB adapter into computer



2.4G USB adapter

• Tabletop console Contains audio precessing
  functions, USB function, indicator and  key
• Built-in Lithium battery(7-10h)
• 2.4G wireless USB adapter
• USB power line
• USB charging plug(optional)

Network interface

• USB2.0(compatible with USB 1.1)
• 3.5mm audio interface(out)


• cardioid microphones 0-8000Hz
• 3.94-inch anti-magnetic speaker


• USB supply(DC5V/500mA)
• Built-in lithium battery

Recommended conditions

• temperature: 5° - 44°
• humidity: 20-85% condensation free
• noise level: below:48db
• storage temperature: -10° - 55°
• Reverberation time: below seconds

• Digital auido processing
• 256ms echo cancellation
• Dynamic noise reduction
• full deplex
• 360 degree pick-up range

Computer system

• Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10 /
  Windows XP., etc.


• Support computer software audio
  -Skype, Wechat, QQ ect.
• microphone mute
• loudspeaker mute
• volume up/down
• indicator
• 2.4G wireless connection
• enable earphone



Product execution standard

• YD/T 993-1998
• GB/T 9254-2008
• GB 4843.1-2011

• 2.4G RF and data processing
• folding SMA antenna


• microphone mute key
• loudspeaker mute key
• volume up/down/ keys
• standby key

Indicator LED

• triangle indicator on: working
• left indicator on: speaker mute
• right indicator on: MIC mute
• left indicator flashing: volume adjusting
• right indicator in orange: full charge

• 155x148x37mm

• 340g

• Black

• 1 year of product guarantee

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