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MZC-F22UV5 released and insteal of MZC-F22U 4K ePTZ Camera with Auto Framing Camera

June 1,2021.

Our 4K Eptz camera MZC-F22UV5 will instead of MZC-F22U and released in this month, now it have the sample for your testing.

Because of the Hisilicon chip can’t be offer in normal last year, 4K Eptz MZC-F22U promotion little time on the market, our MZC-F22U 4K Eptz are out of sale before month, after R&D team several month work, the new Sigmaster solution and Sony sensor

Our 4K Eptz/MZC-F22U which promoted on the market few times are out of sales in last year, because the Hisilicon chip can’t be offered in normal. After the R & D team serval month work, the new MZC-F22U/4K Eptz Camera with the Sigmaster solution release in near days, we had prepared more board and material to protect this model camera can be offered in normal in future to meet the market need. We believe the 4k Eptz camera with auto fram will be the future huddle meeting main product, it will be the standard version with auto fram, which let the meeting will be more easy and Convenience.

MZC-F22UV5 Auto Framing Video Camera with Horiozontal 110° FOV, 4K@30fps, Auto Framing, Audio pick up, Type-C USB3.0, Small remoter controller, Metal exterior design etc. advantage will meet to more and more customer like.

MZC-F22UV5/4K ePTZ Camera can compatible with famous VC software, for example: Zoom, Skype, Webex, Microsoft Teams etc.

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