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Body temperature measurement products with face recognition function hot sale

July 8,2020.

Body temperature measurement products with face recognition function are hot sale!

Recently, body temperature measurement products based on face recognition technology plays an important role in school, airport, enterprise, subway, railway, etc, which includes access control system and thermal imaging camera with black body. They totally achieve “no human contact” to capture people’s facial details and save the data into the software in PC.

WINSAFE access control system WS-W2000 can automatically reads body temperature in two seconds at the distance of 30-50 cm standing in front of screen.

In the system, there is option of face mask mode or no face mask mode. When in epidemic, it can help identify illnesses and avoid the spread of viruses. After the end of the epidemic, this access control system still can be a good helper.

WINSAFE model No. FTMC-9288 s equipped with an intelligent dual cam human body temperature measuring camera and a human temperature measurement blackbody. Black body is as constant temperature source for calibration, then ensure the accuracy. It allows four people to measure the temperature at the same time, people counting, temperature abnormal alarm, face recognition and other functions.

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