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How will companys and schools reopen safely?

July 14,2020.

As people reopen work and study,we still need to protect ourself from the threat of coronavirus

Following the devastation caused by the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, the world has been forced to accept that this and other such threats in the future can shatter the lives of millions of people around the world – both directly and also indirectly through the collapse of economies. But with the aid of the latest intelligent thermal processing technology, it is possible to monitor, detect and contain individuals who pose a threat to others, increasing the safety of workplaces, schools and colleges and leisure activities such as sports matches, theatre, restaurants and so on.

Thermographic cameras for measuring body temperature

Winsafe presents the new thermographic cameras FTMC series for temperature control . These cameras are able to analyze, with great precision, people's body temperature, thus managing to instantly detect cases of fever . These cameras are massively installed in crowded places (supermarkets, hotels, transport), as a containment measure for COVID-19.

Thermographic cameras FTMC-AH31308 are equipped with a highly innovative and powerful algorithm for high precision temperature measurement. In addition, they incorporate artificial intelligence based on face detection . This allows you to filter out any type of false alarm generated by other heat sources (cigarettes, coffee, bulbs, etc.).

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