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4K All-in-One Video Camera with Soundbar

April 2,2021.

As the technical and conference industry develop, more and more remote conference meeting will be needed. After COVID-19, more and more meeting don’t need to face to face, the easy and simple conference meeting are be needed. The All-in-one solution video camera with soundbar is very popular, with AI technical develop, the auto fram function will be the standard version on the video conference camera.

Our AMC-G309/310 special design, with typc C interface, Ethernet interface can connect with Lan and noteboor or PC only can connect by USB will have the web. It is very good for the meeting and training room. Built in speaker and microphone, auto fram all participants in the meeeitng. Let remote meeting are more easy, save more time.

UHV-VA600-4K All-in-one video conference soundbar is another design, which can meet different customer need. Typc USB 2.0 interface, support ONVIF, 120° field of view.

We also another two version small size 4K Eptz camera with auto fram, MZC-F22UV3, UHV-100-4K, 4X digital zoom, 110° field of view, auto fram the participants, it is good used on the Huddle Room Meeting.

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