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USB 2.0 Omni-directional microphone with 2 Expansion microphones

  • Model No : WS-AM6-T
  • Sensor : N/A
  • Resolution : 0
  • Optical Zoom : N/A
  • Digital Zoom : N/A
  • IP Index : N/A
  • Size : 290
  • Weight :

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Product Details



※ 5+3M Radios
※ 90 dB Speaker
※ High Sensitivity Omnidirectional
※ USB interface –PC
※ Auto Adjust echo cancellation
※ Auto Adjust human voice tracking




※ Microphone acquisition distance of 8 meters, suitable for 40 square meters, 20 people less than the meeting room.
※ Support two-way expansion of the microphone, the collection distance of 8 meters, suitable for 20-60 square meters conference room, 15 people live meeting.
※ Support USB, is a video conferencing system, multimedia communication systems, UC unified communications platform, VPN platform voice matching. Support IN/OUT LINE analog audio signal input and output .
※ Through a 3.5mm connect the phone through the mobile network hands-free support external audio equipment such as mixer or external microphone system, local site amplification and enhance the effect of the microphone.
※ Speaker volume reached 90dB, 12 level speaker volume digital control Hands-free, mute, maintain, volume adjustment and other functions




Model No.



USB2.0 Full speed interface,3.5mm audio input/output interface, DC power interface,RJ-11 interface

Max. Power


Power Supply

DC Power Adapter Supply(12V/500mA)

Radio Interference

VCCI Level B

Operating Environment

Temp.:0°C - 40°C, Humidity: 20 - 85%(no frost)


Product: 350mm x 350mm x 55mm(L x W x H) / 405mm x 350mm x 130mm(L x W x H)


Net: 280g, Packing: 500g

Computer Environment

Windowns 10(64bit/32bit), Windowns 8.1(64bit/32bit), Windowns 8 (64bit/32bit), Windowns 7(64bit/32bit), Vista SP1(32bit), Vista SP2(32bit), Windows 2000 SP4, Mac OS X 10.5(only equiped with Intel processor machine)


USB cable(3m), Manual, Portable Bag

Audio Parameters


High Sensitivity onmidirectional Microphone + 2 expansion microphone


1(mono cycle)


Max 90dB

Frequency Bandwidth

300 - 20,000Hz

Signal Processing

Adaptive echo canceller, noise reuction, 3 Alternative Mic Auto Adjustment

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