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Portable Lecture Capturer Solution/Lecture Capture Solution

  • Model No : WS-LTS04
  • Sensor :
  • Resolution : 0
  • Optical Zoom :
  • Digital Zoom :
  • IP Index :
  • Size : 0
  • Weight :

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Product Details


This portable solution provides convient way to record contexts. The portable case provides various video and audio interfaces. With its MPEG 2-HL@50Mbps/s compression ability, together with auto tracking /1080p60 PTZ video cameras, audio device, making the system a perfect portable recording solution.

Portable Lecture Capturer Solution Model Lineup

Hardware: Portable Recording Case


                       Model No. WS-PRC4000M

Compact design, portable, easy & convient to use;
4ch full video interfaces, VGA, HDMI,DVI, HD-SDI;
Seamless camera switch;
Digital HD Collection;
Dual encoding mode: stream mdeia & video;
Built in Win 7 64 bits OS, i7 CPU, 8G memory;
1T sata x 2.

Hardware: HD PTZ Camera


                        Model No. AMC-S2003


Unique design;
New design of ptz mechanism with high precision and reliability;
Up to 1080p/60;
20X/3.27 Megapixel;
HD-SDI & DVI-I Interface;
RS232 in and out, daisy chain;
With OSD menu.

Hardware: Lecturer tracking camera


                      Model No.WS-LT01




Smart lock & track technology;
Smooth tracking performance;
Revolutionary 2-cam design;
Anti-projection Interface;
SD/HD options;
Up to 1080p30 component/HD-SDI interface;
20X Optical zoom,3.27Megapixel;
Stand/ceiling mounts.

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