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IP LTC/IP HD Lecturer Tracking PTZ Camera Release




- H.264 compression

- Support dual stream to output both full view and tracking image

- Compatilbe with ONVIF, RTSP,RTMP protocol

- Configuration of the camera is realized by network

- Come with face to motion detection tracking technology, precisely lock & track lecturer

- Standalone tracking, there is no need to have extra devices/sensors to assisstant tracking

- Both two lens can output up to 1080p30 iimages through network

- Small full view lens has addressed geometric distrortion

- Color and brightness of both the two lens are the same(only for LTC-A2001N)

- When tracking, the camera image is automatically adaptive to lecturer's height

- There is no limit to tracking zone, the camera can track lecturer all around the classroom

- Smart tracking performance like auto zoom, tilt zoom, free of interfering objects/light


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