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HD-SDI Output High Definition Lecturer Tracking PTZ Camera Release


HD-SDI Output High Definition Lecturer Tracking PTZ Camera for classroom promote on the market, good quality, good price!





※1080P HD zoom module,20x optical zoom;

※ With advanced image algorithm to detect and track moving object, excellent tracking performance with high stability;

※Automatically Lock-N-Track moving object, any change of light, object's gesture, interence  of other moving object, or video playing fomr projector will not affect the tracking effect;


※Smooth tracking performance, no shaking image;

※With smooth and soft auto zooming function,always keep the object in the center of image with appropriate size;

※Support Pelco D protocol;

※Smart AE technology to effectively avoid the interfernce of complicated lights from projectors,monitors etc;

※Anti projection interference;

※Easy to set effective tracking area and other value;


※Easy and simple installation, debugging and operation;

※Remote fireware upgrade via RS485.


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