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Easy Track Solution/Lecture Capture Solution System

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Product Details


The Easy Track Solution consists of a SD/HD tracking camera that can follow lecturer automatically, a keyboard controller, audio device together with lecture capture software. The whole system enables to reload and live stream lecture for remotel previewing, together with advanced text capture and search performance, the system finally makes the class colorful to students.


Easy Track Solution Model Lineup




                         Model No.:WS-PAFO


Branded lecture capture software;
Allow you to reload and live stream video;
Multi - Camera support;
SD/HD Video;
Slide text capture and search;
Mobile apps for watching & Recording content.

Hardware: Lecturer Tracking Camera


                  Model No.:WS-LT01


Smart Lock & Track technology;
Smooth tracking performance;
Revolutionary 2-cam design;
Anti-projection Interference;
SD/HD options;
Up to 1080p/30 component/HD-SDI interface;
20X optical zoom,3.27 megapixel;
Stand / Ceiling mounts.

Hardware: Controller



                          Model No. CKB02

4D Joystick for P/T/Z Focus;
Auto back-light keys;
Sleep function;
Support Pelco D/P, Visca protocol;
Password protection;
RS232 & RS485 interface..


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