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High Definition IP Cameras for Home Security

Homeowners can now provide an even greater level of detail and clarity when it comes to home security video footage. Traditionally, security cameras in a homeowner’s budget range were limited to 720×480 resolutions. However, with new innovations in technology, Megapixel Home Security IP Camera is becoming more affordable. These new IP Cameras do not have the same resolution limitations of their predecessors, providing the ability to record in higher resolutions, sometimes even as high as an HDTV. With increased resolutions of recording, homeowners can get better facial recognition or even license plate capture for greater quality video.

Megapixel Speed Dome IP Camera

IP cameras are unlike traditional CCTV cameras, in that they do not use a traditional NTSC coaxial video line, so therefore they are not limited by the video standards either. The NTSC US video standard allows for 720×480 resolution video at 30 fps on a coaxial line, Megapixel Speed Dome IP Camera however have a built in video processor and network board, which can accept higher resolution video streams and then compress them for sending the video over the network using MJPEG, MPEG-4 or H.264 video streams. By processing the video on the board of the IP camera, each camera is basically now not only a camera but also a video processor and even a tiny computer. Each camera will independently serve video streams, so that an NVR (Network Video Recorder) can accept the video stream and record it in high definition onto a hard drive.

While IP cameras are available in both low definition (640×480) resolution and High Definition (1 Megapixel, 2 Megapixel or beyond), the most popular IP cameras are the HD resolution models because they take advantage of the higher quality video resolutions. These cameras have become more affordable for homeowners, so a set of Fixed Waterproof Cameras can be installed around a home to provide even higher quality video than otherwise possible. With high definition security cameras, homeowners can provide police with a greater level of detail when something occurs at their home, such as license plates and improved face shots in many cases, as these cameras can provide video streams that look comparable to HDTV video streams. With this level of video, police have an easier time finding perpetrators than when compared with grainy video that is consistent with older security camera systems.

Our new Megapixel IP cameras provide HDTV video at a price that is affordable enough for homeowners. Each of our indoor and outdoor IP cameras have infrared night vision capabilities and can record onto most NVR software and can even be viewed over the internet from most PDA phones. Home Security Cameras and systems including our new HD cameras are also available at reasonable rates. Click winsafecctv to browse more megapixel HD household IP camera.