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a Video Surveillance System

For the home or small business, installing PTZ Video Conference Camera should be a Do-it-Yourself project. You can save a lot of money and earn a wealth of knowledge about your system, if you install it yourself. These systems today are basically place and plug-in systems. They run off of standard 115 volt electricity from a standard wall plug. For Internet capability, all you need is a standard modem to plug into.


Almost all video surveillance system cameras today have 15 frames per second (fps) or more. You can get by with 7 to 8 fps, for home security use, but you get a really clear picture at 15 fps. Casinos and the police use cameras that have 30 fps, so that they can see extreme detail, especially when enlarging a frame for recognition or detail. You really don’t want to over buy your equipment and spend too much money. A pan, tilt and zoom camera (PTZ camera) or High Speed PTZ Cameras can record at a high frame rate, but can cost $1,200 to $1,700 per camera. These are usually used outdoors on a building where lighting may not be controlled and being able to read a license plate may be the objective.

For home or small business use you either will not recognize the intruder, even if you use a camera with 30 fps or you will know exactly who it is with a camera at 8 fps. Let the police take care of criminals you don’t know and they can use software to enhance your videos. In the other instance, if you recognize the intruder, it is probably an employee, neighbor or friend. Once you confront them and show them your video, you won’t need to use expensive equipment to prove they were there. So I encourage you to not spend more money than you need to for higher frames per second.

An IR camera or infrared cameras can see in very low lighting. They do this by using LEDs that create the infrared lighting that the camera can see. One problem is the LEDs usually last between 2 to 3 years and they are integrated into the camera, effectively shortening the camera life to 2 to 3 years. An alternative is an infrared illuminator that can be used with one or more cameras. When the diodes fail in the illuminator, you just replace the illuminator. A better alternative is motion-activated flood lights or spotlights that will not only give you sufficient lighting for your camera, but adds to a safer environment for you, your family or your employees.

Color cameras are an option, an option that you might want, but do not have to have to have an effective system. In low light situations, color cameras are not as effective. Under these conditions the black and white camera will get better resolution. There are cameras available today that operate as a color camera in normal lighting and then a black and white camera in reduced lighting. There’s nothing wrong with color, but you will pay more.

Stand-alone DVR’s used to have hard drives with a capacity of 30 gigabytes or about 30 hours of black and white recording. Today 500 gigabytes is considered ample for home or small businesses that are monitoring from overnight to 3 days of recording. The larger the hard drive the more money you will spend. Having motion activated cameras will save recording time and only record when an intruder is present. The motion activation is a function of the DVR by interpreting the video data from the camera.

You will think your situation is unique and you need special equipment to supply your Analog Video Cameras needs, and maybe you do. However you will find many things are standard; so standard that in most cases buying a complete DVR system package is the best deal and the most affordable. Cameras can be purchased separately and so can other components of the system. A wired system can be turned into a wireless system or vice-versa.

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High Definition MegaPixel IP Cameras

Medium-sized enterprises owners will install surveillance cameras, because they know that no matter what they do will experience some kind of loss. Business losses generally include theft or vandalism by employees, customers or sometimes both. When it comes to selecting an IP camera system, it has traditionally been a difficult process of weighing resolution and quality versus cost. Business security camera systems come in two major varieties, IP camera NVR systems and traditional standard definition PTZ Video Conference Camera. The IP Camera systems have traditionally been more expensive, and only some of the IP cams will deliver high definition quality. Standard definition CCTV security camera systems have generally provided a more affordable option.


IP systems come in several varieties, delivering a wide range of resolutions, from standard VGA to High Definition MegaPixel resolution. The VGA resolution IP cams deliver 640×480 resolution, below the NTSC resolution of traditional High Definition Security Camera. Even though the resolution of these cameras is inferior to the traditional security cameras, they are often more expensive, because each IP camera has an image sensor, video processor and network card to communicate with a PC and NVR software directly over the network. These cameras are the equivalent of a small computer that sits on your business network, sending video over the Ethernet cable to a PC running an NVR (Network Video Recorder) software. The NVR PC will also deliver capabilities to remotely view the cameras over the internet from a PC, Laptop, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry PDA phone in many cases, so that you can view the IP cameras from anywhere in the world. The common misconception is that you should plug an IP cam directly into an internet connection and then view it remotely. This is not advisable, because these cameras will consume a great amount of bandwidth, using up the majority of most internet connections with just a single camera.

These high def cameras use the true benefit of IP cameras, being able to break through the NTSC resolution standard, and deliver 5 to 25 times the resolution of a standard traditional Ir IP Bullet Camera, or more. Because the video is sent over an Ethernet cable instead of traditional coaxial cable with NTSC, these higher video resolutions can be achieved. With HD resolution cameras, business owners can record from multiple cameras at high definition TV resolutions, delivering greater clarity with fewer cameras. These cameras can also help reduce the cost of cabling, by requiring only a single CAT-5 or CAT-6 Ethernet cable for each camera, and all cameras can connect to a PoE switch (with PoE compliant cameras), so that only 1 cable will have to run back to the NVR recorder. One limitation of these MegaPixel IP cameras has traditionally been the cost. Even though they have been available for years, many business owners have opted to select traditional CCTV cameras instead, because MegaPixel IP cameras can often cost $1000/camera or more. Now, advances in the MegaPixel IP camera technology has made these high definition IP cameras available even to smaller businesses with smaller budgets.

Our new Platinum CCTV™ brand MegaPixel IP Cameras provide 2.0 MegaPixel high definition resolutions, delivering up to 25 times the resolution of traditional CIF resolution security cameras, but deliver this at a budget that suits even small business owners. Our business IP Camera Systems are pre-assembled camera systems that include high definition MegaPixel IP cameras, NVR software and PoE switches, so that business owners have everything they need to begin recording high definition IP cameras onto their PC or Laptop and viewing them remotely from an iPhone, Android or other PDA phone. Platinum CCTV is proud to provide a full range of business security camera systems to meet any budget.

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The Different Uses Of PTZ Cameras

PTZ security cameras are one of the more versatile and feature rich types of surveillance camera; and yes they are also one of the more pricey options as well. A lot can be done with a PTZ Video Conference Camera; so let’s take a look at what they are, and what some of their more creative uses might be.

PTZ Video Conference Camera

What Is A PTZ Camera

To begin you need to know what a PTZ camera is. PTZ stands for pan, tilt, and zoom; and a camera that can perform these functions automatically or remotely falls into the category of a Rugged PTZ Camera.


Most PTZ cameras are styled as a dome surveillance camera; as that design in much easier to incorporate these features into; however there are what is known as PT heads that can make any plain security camera have at least the pan and tilt functions.


As I stated earlier to fall under this classification, the security camera must be able to perform these functions remotely or automatically to truly be considered a PTZ. If you have to manually change you focal length and viewing angle; then this describes just a plain security camera, and does not fall under the PTZ classification.


To perform these various functions the camera will most likely use what is known as the RS485 protocol; and you should make sure that you have a controller or DVR or receiver that can use this protocol.


Creative Uses For A PTZ Security Camera


The most basic uses for a PTZ camera is the ability to have your camera continuously pan or tilt in a designated location to cover a wider area than your lens might allow.. Furthermore you can then incorporate the zoom feature to get a closer view of trespassers or other items of interest. These cameras are especially useful in highly trafficked areas such as casinos; as they can quickly be adjusted at a moment’s notice.


One way that PTZ’s are used is in public access governmental meetings. A lot of commissions such as county or city commissions will use an array of Vehicle PTZ Cameras to record various angles of their meeting, and then broadcast it to the local television channel. In fact a switcher will even be incorporated at times to direct and make sure the cameras are capturing what they need to.


Another interesting way that some people will use a PTZ camera is for watching wildlife. Some PTZ owners will use their PTZ to monitor their hunting bait piles or other wildlife scenery; as it is less intrusive and disturbing than having a human presence.

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