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How To Solve The IR Waterproof Camera Image Flickering Problem?

How To Solve The IR Waterproof Camera Image Flickering Problem?
Why IR waterproof camera will appear to flicker? As mentioned earlier, when the illumination intensity is below the threshold, the infrared light to open light. Higher than the threshold is closed. We consider the situation illumination intensity slightly below the threshold: the photosensitive element detects the lighting intensity is slightly lower than the threshold value, the control of infrared light to open after emitting infrared light-emitting —– detection to improve illumination (plus the anti-back to infrared light), and exceeds the threshold value, the control infrared lights off —- led to lower illuminance detected once again control the infrared light is turned on. This back and forth constantly, causing flashing images. This situation is the reason on principle, do not say it is normal, at least not the product quality problems.

The photosensitive element detects the environmental illuminance is slightly below the threshold condition problems , there are two cases
One . Some point in the evening , when , for a short time , the emergence of this issue , if you do not gain back the cost of using the general heart piece , our idea is that users with clear reason to tolerate it .
Two . This problem occurs when the illumination intensity stability , must be addressed .
1 . Changing the threshold .
Same model , the threshold is not the same , there are discrete . Replacement of a product may be the problem is solved .
Provide design thresholds of different products by the manufacturers , to be replaced.
A higher threshold of the product design parameters , at least some of the possibilities appears to flicker.
2 . Changes in the environment
Changing the intensity of the illumination angle .
A slight change in the angle of IR waterproof cameras installed , move it up and down , the detector detects the illumination will have a lot of change , will leave the vicinity of the threshold , so as to solve the flicker problem .
(3) the use of high quality anti-glare illumination with a camera BLC heart piece , especially dedicated IR camera ;
In addition, IR waterproof cameras or other objects near it was the reflection of infrared light , can cause changes in illumination repeatedly detected , causing flicker. For example, doing the demonstration test , testing , the lower the camera installation position , when there are objects close to the camera cover .
This is not a problem , IR waterproof cameras installed in the normal position , this is of course no. When such presentation, as long as careful not to let infrared light back directly from the close proximity to the photosensitive member wants.
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Features And Function Of IR Camera Product

WINSAFE SL006CR is one of our new IR Camera products, it is a Flexible High Speed Dome IR Camera, able to provide clear and detailed coverage of wide, open areas like airports, shopping malls, parking lots, retail stores and more, which features tilts up to 180¡ã and pans up to 360¡ã per second to help eliminate blind spots, uses with the PTZ controller to command the camera efficiently and get the right angle easily with the controller.

WINSAFE SL006CR equipped with SONY Effio image sensor, provides the sharp, clear video image with up to 650TVL and 976 x 494 pixels resolution produced by the autofocus lens. It is designed with WDR enhancement and IR-cut filter to improve the video quality in challenging lighting conditions, 30pcs IR LEDs allows WINSAFE SL006CR to monitor in the darkness up to 30m.And the 10x optical zoom allows you to focus on far away objects easily. The 360¡ã per second panning allows you to quickly cover large areas and the 180¡ã tilt capability make it easy to customize the viewing angle.

WINSAFE SL006CR is IP66 rated; it withstands damage from the elements for versatile indoor or outdoor installation. With the wall- and ceiling-mountable bracket, so you can easily place the camera in an area that is well concealed. To enable local or remote operation, control camera movement remotely from your compatible mobile phone, tablet or PC via MASHEN series DVR.

WINSAFE SL006CR is an ideal partner in your surveillance security in the busy environment; you are allowed to take the control in surveillance what you want easily and effectively.
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New PAC IR PT Cameras Can Use For All Conference Rooms For Classrooms

PAC IR PT Cameras

High-quality video is driven by PAC IR’s 16X Optical PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera with up to 1080P resolution,” says Rob Arnold, Industry Principal and Program Manager, Unified Communications of Frost & Sullivan. “While it is a lot of horsepower for my small office, it should deliver flexibility and power needed for larger offices, conference rooms and classrooms, particularly with its ability to focus on people in audience-style settings or seated around a table via far-end and near-end control with close-up or wide views.

WINSAFE Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2002. Collected with professional R&D and Manufacturing,Marketing abilities.The PAC IR performs well in P2P calls, but also connects to major third-party cloud services such as Blue Jeans and StarLeaf. While it is not uncommon to experience occasional degraded live video and content resolution, as well as minor audio latency/lip sync issues with cloud services, the PAC IR performed as good as, or better than, other room-based systems tested under these conditions. These issues did occur minimally with the PAC IR; however, it was nothing that ruined the experience. Based on overall testing, it’s assumed that the degraded quality was due to cloud service transcoding, switching, gateway, or other functional issues not related to the AVer solution. The overall experience was above average, regardless of whether it was a P2P or cloud-based connection.

PAC IR is the newest addition to WINSAFE Technology Co., Ltd that offers crispy clear PTZ video quality, perfect for all conference rooms or classrooms,” said Eric Yu, Director of Product Management for AVer Information, Inc. USA. “Whether connecting point to point, or integrating with other VC or cloud services, the PAC IR offers an unprecedented video experience at an unmatched value.
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Some Technical Details For Choosing Waterproof Video Cameras

Waterproof Video Cameras

Waterproof video cameras were designed so you can capture those special, fun moments of your vacation or any outing at the pool, lake, river, or ocean. Whether you’re swimming, tubing, playing water polo, diving, or any other water-based activity, you can bring your waterproof camera with you to take stunning photos of the action. Waterproof cameras are also great for parties when you want to be able to take photographs without worrying about damaging your camera by getting it wet in water, beer, champagne, and more.

Waterproof camcorders were created for just those types of moments when you’re involved in outdoor activities or parties. This type of camera is a terrific, multifunctional alternative to traditional cameras. The most waterproof camera could function at very low temperatures and are also designed to be sand-resistant and also shock-resistant.

Many people have been dismayed when their camera falls on the ground or in the water, because these accidents will break most ordinary cameras. This is often not the case with a waterproof camera, but you do have to be wise about making the best choice in purchasing a waterproof camera.

Keep in mind what your budget is, what goals you have for the camera, where you want to go, and what you want to do with your camera before you make the purchase.

When you will choose your waterproof video camera pay attention to the following technical details:

1. When you’re filming, high resolution is great to have. Try to make sure you get a waterproof camera with a high definition display.

2. If you plan on using the camera underwater, you’ll want to think about the depths to which you dive. Check the specifications of the camera to make sure it will still function at those depths.

For example, some cameras have a dive limit of only 3 feet, while others have dive limits up to 200 feet. You should also check to see if the manufacturer recommends using the camera in only fresh water, or if the camera will work just as well in salt water.

3. Another important feature for underwater photography or videography is the ability to control the functions manually. Manual functions are usually much easier to handle, but if you must purchase an underwater camera with automatic functions, just make sure to choose a camera with quick response times.

4. Check the lifetime of the battery. If the lifetime of the battery is long enough for your use and is a rechargeable battery, you will save money in the long run over buying disposable batteries.

5. Before you make your purchase, decide if you will need to add accessories to your camera. If this is the case, you may need to purchase a housing and/or additional filters.

5.1 If a housing is something you need, make sure you find one that can dive at least as deep as your camera can. If you know that your camera can record down to 15 feet, but you want to go to 33 feet, a housing can help keep your camera safe and free of damage.

5.2 The filters can help balance reds and greens, since the light spectrum underwater is completely different from the light spectrum on land.

6. Also, if you’re looking to shoot pictures from a distance, try to find a quality camera with optical zoom. Good optical zoom is better than digital zoom, so focus on the amount of magnification the camera supports for optical zoom.
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