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Catch Your Waves At The Crack Of Dawn With Auto Tracking Camera

Catch Your Waves At The Crack Of Dawn With Auto Tracking Camera

If you’re the gnarliest surfer on the beach but prefer to catch your waves at the crack of dawn, odds are there won’t be anyone around to witness or film your exploits. So for extreme athletes lacking friends who wake up before noon, the Soloshot mount lets you capture all your fancy moves without a cameraman.

It sits between a tripod and a camera connecting to each using their standard mounting screws and automatically pans and tracks whoever is wearing an included waterproof armband. Since it’s all wireless the rig is free to rotate 360 degrees, and its maximum pan speed is over 40 degrees per second. So it should even be able to track a fast-moving vehicle as it whizzes by. And with a range of 2,000 feet, you’ll be out of your auto tracking camera‘s visible range before the mount loses track of you.

Now, there are a few niggles to deal with. You’ll have to adjust your auto tracking camera‘s tilt and zoom beforehand, and probably set its focus to infinite if you dont’ trust its autofocus capabilities to keep you crisp. And even with built in security measures to tether everything together, you’ll probably want to be careful where you set it up so it’s not an easy target for theft.

A look at gadget happenings, as two surfers create a camera mount that can track a subject all by itself, a USB adapter costing less than US$2 lets Android users connect various peripherals to their devices, Qantas passengers look forward to in-flight iPads, and global sales of the Samsung Galaxy S III pass the 10m mark.

The Soloshot autotracking camera mount automatically pans and tracks whoever is wearing the system’s armband, which is waterproof and shockproof to withstand all kinds of activity worth filming.

The system comes with a 5-foot tripod and the mount fits most cameras or camcorders up to 5lbs. Plant it where it’s got a good view, strap on the armband and away you go ¨C up to half a kilometre away, that is.

Within this range, the device can track your movements, allowing the camera 360-degree rotation up to 40 degrees per second ¨C fast enough to track a car travelling at 143mph.

The Soloshot is battery powered and lasts for about five hours of use, and a bright green LED constantly points your way so you know the device is keeping up.

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The Features Of Security Video Cameras

The Features Of Security Video Cameras

The use of security video cameras is increasing day by day. More and more people are depending on these cameras for their security. They are using it in their home, office and business place. Not all cameras are usable in every location and for every monitoring purpose. Based on the use, there are several types of security cameras available in the market.

Wired security video cameras is the most common and traditional form of video surveillance. They are cheap and available everywhere. With the wire, you can take the camera to a long distance and still get the best result. The wired cameras are used in both indoor and outdoor surveillance and can give excellent support. If you want to fix the camera in one location, this is the best option for you.

The wireless cameras, on other hand, are easier to move and carry around. However, you cannot take it out of its range to communicate with the receiver. As the wireless cameras use digital technology, they give better video quality and recording option. The control is also easier than other cameras.

Surprisingly, there is a special form of surveillance camera which is known as dummy security camera. They are designed as exact replicas of the original camera models and placed in such a place that everybody can take a notice. This has no practical use; but can keep the house safe from intrusion in many cases. However, the presentation must be look like an original surveillance camera.

Night security cameras are also a very important type of security camera. Not all the security cameras are capable of working in low light, let alone at night. You will need special type of cameras for that and for serious monitoring at night, you have to be specific. There are many cameras that work equally effectively at day and night. You can use one of them. The night vision cameras use infrared as their night time aid.

The covert security video cameras are kept hidden from others. They are designed to be used as a regular item and so it is not easy to find out their location without having knowledge about their presence. They can also be kept hidden from people. These cameras run on battery and use wireless technology. They can transmit the data within limited range and so the receiver has to be placed in a near location. Most of these cameras come in micro versions.

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Buy A Good Quality Of Video Camera For Your Home Or Office

Buy A Good Quality Of Video Camera For Your Home Or Office

If you are interested in keeping a watch over someone maybe your spouse, nanny or employees, installing a hidden video camera can do wonders. Video cameras are one perfect solution to capture video at the same time audio evidence against the person you are suspecting or having a doubt. Hidden video cameras are installed for your safety and security. They are your eyes and ears in the premises. They help you to record everything what is going on behind you. With the installation of security video cameras, you will likely be able to monitor the actions or activities in your home or office.

There are plenty of reasons why people would want to install hidden cameras in their premises. Many individuals want to keep an eye over the hired nanny for the safety of their children and elderly people at home. They want to make sure that the caretaker is doing their job of taking care of their child or grandparents. Another reason of installing a hidden cam is to check out whether your spouse is being honest towards you or to make sure that your business partner is telling truth or not.

There are different types of hidden video cameras available in the market. The industry is swarming up with a variety of cameras, all for your security. They array of cameras include nanny cams, professional cams etc. that are meant to offer great protection. One best way to get a hidden camera is to search them online. Explore the internet and find variety of them. One of the best advantages of online marketing is that the process is very simple and hassle free. The only thing you need to do is browse various websites and select the right one according to your needs. They will be delivered right at your doorstep without any delays.

How to Select the Right Hidden Camera?

While you choose a hidden camera, always make sure that the one you choose goes well with the environment. Spy cameras vary in sizes and in performance as well. Talking about the sizes, many of them look very small and can be adjusted in a pen or in the collar while others are big to ensure that you do not do anything wrong at certain places. As for the performance, there are plenty of latest technology cameras that can record every minute thing and nothing can be overlooked by them. They can give you clear and crisp images and good quality of sound as well. Furthermore, hidden video cameras are available in variety of designs. Some are compact while others have different features. The resolution and lighting of the camera is of great importance while you select the hidden camera.

So, buy a good quality of video camera for your home or office.

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Video Cameras Are Designed For Amateur Photographers And Household Uses

Video Cameras Are Designed For Amateur Photographers And Household Uses

Cameras have been widely used over the years to capture precious moments. However, these photographs were able to record only a few single moments of life. The need for continuity in recording events led to the invention of a video camera. Unlike traditional cameras, which use photographic film, video cameras use entire videocassettes to capture electronic images of entire events.

Initially, video cameras were designed to facilitate television broadcasting. A few decades earlier, video cameras were exceptionally large devices. It was necessary to fix them on big trolleys in order to be able to use them. In modern times, smaller varieties, which are portable and can be carried easily, are widely available.

There are two types of professional video cameras available. The primary kind looks like a big camcorder and is highly developed and portable. The other type can be referred to as studio cameras and do not have endless recording capacity like the former.

Camcorders are video cameras that are designed for amateur photographers and household uses. Before the camcorder was developed, people used special video cameras and VCRs to replicate video recording. These were less advanced and designed to cater to consumer usage.

Camcorders derive their name from a unit, which houses a camera and recorder. Camcorders have evolved with time and now come in more compact, lightweight and user-friendly models. These new cameras can record for several hours on end. The recording is done either on a small videocassette, blank CD or a DVD. In some cases, a LCD screen is present for the user to preview the recording.

A third type of camera, called closed-circuit television, is also very popular. As the name suggests, these devices use a camera and television assembly to monitor a certain area or people. This type of surveillance is common in areas that require additional security such as banks and airports.

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How To Choose The Video Cameras For Personal And Professional Use

How To Choose The Video Cameras For Personal And Professional Use

There are many different cameras available today for both personal and professional use. The type of camera that you select will depend on the style of video that you plan to shoot. People who are looking to make home movies will be able to use video cameras that are relatively inexpensive. People who are looking to shoot feature films will have to spend a lot more money in order to purchase a camera of that quality. There are many models available that can now capture images in HD, or high definition. These video cameras cost substantially more than those that capture regular video, but their prices have been slowly dropping.

If you wish to make your own movie with your camera, there are few models that will work better than others will. Selecting the right camera is the first step to creating a successful film that people will want to watch. The video camera is the most important tool that a filmmaker will use, so it is important to choose well when you are at the camera store. The following models are suitable for making films and documentaries and will usually be in stock at the camera store.

Samsung HMX

Do not be fooled by the small stature of this camcorder. These video cameras are very powerful and have plenty of space for storage. The Samsung HMX line can perform a whole day of shooting video and still have space leftover to take still photos. They also offer the user plenty of flexibility when working with light sensitivity, as the camera has f-values that register as little as 1.8.

Canon Vixia

This model can shoot in high definition and will create crisp images. The startling quality of the video is best selling point of this camera. These video cameras can be found in the HD section of the camera store. While their price tag is higher than other models, they are capable of making pro-style films. This model also has a fair amount of storage space and can take excellent still photos.

Sony HDR

This camera is suitable for the beginner or the more advanced filmmaker. The best feature of this model is its small size. Literally able to be placed in the palm of the hand, this camera can be used to shoot a wide variety of video styles. It is the perfect model to shoot sporting events or anything that contains high amounts of action and movement. The filmmaker will be able to move freely while using this camera due to its lightweight.

The best camera store will be able to help you select the model that is best for your purposes. The camera store will offer you the opportunity to try out different models in the store. These test runs are the perfect way to get to know the useful video cameras that are available. The camera store has many models that are lightweight and simple to use. Advances in technology now allow these models to contain impressive amounts of storage space even though they are small in size.

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Some Important Features Of Professional Video Cameras

Some Important Features Of Professional Video Cameras

If you wish to purchase professional video cameras, you need certain important features. For example, if you are a scuba diver and wish to capture the marine creatures, it is important to purchase a waterproof camera. An ordinary camcorder would not help you capture the same outstanding images. One needs to be very careful while purchasing a professional video camera. Some essential features that must be considered while purchasing these gadgets have been listed below. These include:


Portability is an essential factor that needs to be considered. When buying a professional digital video camera, it is important to choose the one that is portable and handy. This offers a high level of flexibility while using and carrying the device. A majority of gadgets hitting the market today are described as portable as these are too light to carry around. The gadgets launched by Sony, Samsung, Fujifilm, etc. are extremely light in weight and slips easily into the pocket. This makes it easy for the users to carry them almost anywhere they wish to. No matter whether you are buying a camera just because you love to click pictures or for professional photography, a portable device is indeed a great choice.


Another essential part of an imaging device is a lens. Depending on your requirements, you can choose any of the lenses that meet your project demands well. The type of lens depends on the fact what you want to shoot. You might feel the need to use different types of lens. In such a case, it is advised to choose a professional digital video camera that enables for interchangeable lens. It is important to clean the lens on a regular basis to as to avoid any dust or dirt particles deposited over it. Regular maintenance is also required. A wide range of lens cleaning materials are available in the market today.

LCD screen

LCD screen is another essential consideration while buying these gadgets. The size of the screen must be large enough for a better view of images, data and videos. Almost the professional video cameras come with an adequate screen size today so as to provide users a better viewing experience. High-quality screens with more pixels are required.

All these features must be taken into consideration while buying the professional video cameras. You can consider buying these gadgets via an online shopping store. Some best online stores are involved in providing quality gadgets to the customers.

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