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Auto Tracking Camera With Reliable Autofocus And A Safe Zone

Auto Tracking Camera With Reliable Autofocus And A Safe Zone

You’ll need a camera with reliable autofocus and a safe zone to put it (although the gadget does come with two locks to secure your camera to the mount and the tripod to a stationary object), and the Soloshot will help you do your best Bear Grylls impression without needing a full camera crew along for the adventure.

US-based creators Chris Boyle and Scott Taylor hand-build and verify each Soloshot as demand dictates, taking 30 days to make and ship each model. However, they have recently started a Kickstarter project in order to streamline production for next-day shipping.

Add-ons for Android with a cheap USB adapter

A cheap cable available on for just US$1.36 lets users connect keyboards, USB drives, gaming controllers and other peripherals to Android devices.

The USB On-The-Go adapter is simply a female USB port that plugs into your device’s micro-USB port, letting you connect other devices via USB 2.0 or 3.0.

USB hosting is technically available from Android 3.1 onwards, but this must be enabled by the manufacturer to work, who can also limit what peripherals the device will support. Through experimentation and crowdsourcing, CNET has compiled a list of compatible devices, finding the Samsung family of Android devices to be most compatible.

A test drive with the winsafecctv successfully connected a USB key, powered hard drive, card reader, DSLR camera, USB-to-Ethernet adapter, keyboard, mouse, USB hub connecting a keyboard and a mouse, and, bizarrely, a PlayStation 3 controller.
In-flight iPads for Qantas passengers

Passengers on Qantas 767 aeroplanes will soon be given an in-flight treat in the form of iPads for their entertainment needs. A successful trial of winsafecctv in-air streaming technology has led the airline to make plans to supply passengers with iPads on domestic east coast routes and flights to Perth, giving them access to more than 200 hours of entertainment programmes.

“Our customers were the first in the world to experience the ground-breaking Wi-Fi entertainment technology and we received great feedback from our customers during the trial this year,” said Qantas domestic CEO Lyell Strambi, The Canberra Times reports. “winsafecctv will be available free of charge to all our passengers across the B767 fleet.”

The first plane equipped with the technology will take off in the fourth quarter of 2012 and this luxury isn’t only afforded to the elite, as both business and economy class passengers will be given iPads.
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The Benefits Of Installing GPS tracking devices

The Benefits Of Installing GPS tracking devices

Auto Tracking PTZ Cameras

Many fleet companies have used GPS tracking devices to manage their work force for some years now with intuitive software to measure mileage, journey times, record location and also track clocking in times of staff.

The technology has become somewhat less expensive and now market leading companies are launching Live Video Tracking Devices.

These devices offer similar features to the more traditional tracking devices although they now offer some new features including – live video!

The benefit of such a device is that fleet managers can view the GPS location, speed of the vehicle, mileage, and listen to audio from around the vehicle and even watch live video meaning they can pretty much be there with their vehicles in real-time no matter where in the country or world they are positioned.

The new systems known as Mobile Digital Video Recorders or ‘DVR’s’ use 3G and 3.5G mobile networking to transmit video to a server ready for viewing instantly should there be a need. What’s more is the data charges can be kept to a minimum with the most modern systems only transmitting video ‘upon request’. If live video is not being monitored, the systems will use the same amount of data as a traditional tracking device. Data packages for around ¡ê25 from most mobile telephone service providers will be enough to cover the data charges for the systems making them the ideal fleet management tool.

The systems can record video from up to 4 cameras around the vehicle meaning the front, rear, cabin and loading bay can all be monitored in real-time.

One instant benefit is the problem of theft from company vehicles. When vehicles are left unattended by the driver, vehicles often become targets to opportunistic thieves. These new systems allow the fleet manager to keep an eye on the vehicles while drivers are away for short periods.

Some of the smarter systems can also be used as accident logging devices alongside the tracking and live monitoring elements. When partnered with an inertia sensor, the systems will automatically transmit live video and record it at the server when a vehicle exceeds its G-Force Limit – usually caused by harsh breaking or an accident.

This means the fleet manager can view every video from the vehicles should there be an accident. They are able to remotely play back all of the events and collect video evidence for presentation to insurance companies and authorities. Many Fleet Insurance Companies have realised the benefits of such systems and offer over 25% discount on fleet premiums should the Mobile DVR’s be used.

The fleet manager can even open live conversation with driver via the system and the on board speakers already in the vehicles meaning that if needed, instant live communication is available at the touch of a button – no more trying to find the driver’s telephone number in a database somewhere to get in touch with them!

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