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The Technology Of 2014 New NVR Kits

The Technology Of 2014 New NVR Kits



NVR Kits are used for CCTV cameras, Video Conference Cameras, IP camera and network video server, they can support onvif port,P2P,Video push. The great function of Live view, record, search file, backup, playback (4ch playback Syn) are known to us all. With the best NVR Kits, the camera can be digital zoom both in live view and playback. What is NVR? It‘s named by Network Video Recorder.

2014 Best NVR Kits

Our NVR solution offers the power and security features that WINSAFE customers have come to expect. With these new models, we aim to bring to the NVR Kits market a flexible and scalable solution for home or business,” said Florence Shih, General Manager of WINSAFE Technology.


WINSAFE NVR solutions are actually multiple devices in one: a network video recorder, a real-time monitoring system, and a networked storage unit. Available in desktop and rack mount form factors, businesses have the flexibility to choose the configuration they require to meet their specific needs. Each WINSAFE NVR device has the ability to work with multiple cameras at once, enabling organizations to monitor multiple locations with a single system. In addition to this, WINSAFE’ new NVR solutions feature real-time monitoring and recording as well as support for multiple video file formats, ensuring maximum security and surveillance effectiveness.


Being of WINSAFE pedigree, the storage capabilities of WINSAFE NVR solutions are naturally second-to-none. All units are equipped with multiple SATA hard disk bays, granting massive storage capacity to handle hours upon hours of professional-quality video footage. Selective RAID modes come standard, and help to safeguard stored video content at all times. And to provide users with the absolute best software interface available, WINSAFE NVR solutions will come bundled with NETAVIS Observe surveillance software for an unbeatable combination of best-of-breed hardware and state-of-the-art software.


The model WS-NVK405 2014 Best NVR Kits From WINSAFE Technology Co., Ltd is on sale now. The more specific parameters about the NVR kits you can see at