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The Different Uses Of PTZ Cameras

PTZ security cameras are one of the more versatile and feature rich types of surveillance camera; and yes they are also one of the more pricey options as well. A lot can be done with a PTZ Video Conference Camera; so let’s take a look at what they are, and what some of their more creative uses might be.

PTZ Video Conference Camera

What Is A PTZ Camera

To begin you need to know what a PTZ camera is. PTZ stands for pan, tilt, and zoom; and a camera that can perform these functions automatically or remotely falls into the category of a Rugged PTZ Camera.


Most PTZ cameras are styled as a dome surveillance camera; as that design in much easier to incorporate these features into; however there are what is known as PT heads that can make any plain security camera have at least the pan and tilt functions.


As I stated earlier to fall under this classification, the security camera must be able to perform these functions remotely or automatically to truly be considered a PTZ. If you have to manually change you focal length and viewing angle; then this describes just a plain security camera, and does not fall under the PTZ classification.


To perform these various functions the camera will most likely use what is known as the RS485 protocol; and you should make sure that you have a controller or DVR or receiver that can use this protocol.


Creative Uses For A PTZ Security Camera


The most basic uses for a PTZ camera is the ability to have your camera continuously pan or tilt in a designated location to cover a wider area than your lens might allow.. Furthermore you can then incorporate the zoom feature to get a closer view of trespassers or other items of interest. These cameras are especially useful in highly trafficked areas such as casinos; as they can quickly be adjusted at a moment’s notice.


One way that PTZ’s are used is in public access governmental meetings. A lot of commissions such as county or city commissions will use an array of Vehicle PTZ Cameras to record various angles of their meeting, and then broadcast it to the local television channel. In fact a switcher will even be incorporated at times to direct and make sure the cameras are capturing what they need to.


Another interesting way that some people will use a PTZ camera is for watching wildlife. Some PTZ owners will use their PTZ to monitor their hunting bait piles or other wildlife scenery; as it is less intrusive and disturbing than having a human presence.

All in all a PTZ security camera can be a rather handy option for all kinds of creative’s uses even beyond pure surveillance. Want to get more information about PTZ cameras? Welcome to visit, there are large amount different types of PTZ cameras and Controllers show on the web. Best services waiting for your order.