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High Speed Dome Ptz Camera Is The Best Security System For A Company

High Speed Dome Ptz Camera Is The Best Security System For A Company

Almost every business has some kind of security system for a variety of purposes from preventing shoplifting, to simple surveillance, to

employee security, room security, alarms, computer security, the list is almost endless. Security cameras are usually part of that system.

A guard for example can only be in one place at a time. A high speed PTZ camera can literally be watching many places at once. Consider a

security camera to solve some of your internal and external security needs from shoplifting prevention to room security to employee security

even parking lot security

A more sophisticated version of the dome camera is a PTZ high speed dome camera that can be used indoors or outdoors. On a recent trip to

Berlin the U.S. Embassy there had high speed PTZ cameras all along its fenced and building perimeters. Guess those cameras are good enough

for them.

The high speed dome camera with pan tilt zoom (PTZ) capability is perhaps the most sophisticated camera in the world today. It has indoor and

outdoor use capability. It has 360 degree monitoring with an amazing 216 X zoom making it the perfect tool to monitor big areas link building

perimeters and parking lots.

Another option is the fantastic high speed pan, tilt zoom (PTZ) dome camera. This technical marvel enables you to pan, tilt or zoom the

camera from a PTZ control board or from your DVR. This camera can be used indoors and outdoors too but is especially good for exterior


Video security cameras are either standard color cameras, Day/Night cameras, or in infrared cameras.. They also come in fixed, meaning they

view one specific location, or Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras that allow the operator to move the camera in a 360° area and optically zoom in on

specific locations. A standard retail environment will have both indoor and outdoor cameras, fixed and PTZ, with exterior and interior doors

entrys and exits covered.

Think of a restaurant as an example. Two types of theft usually occur in a restaurant. High cost items like proteins, liquor and wine are

being taken out of the back and service personnel like waiters and bartenders are giving food and drinks away without ringing it up or under

-ringing the sale. Very Common!

The PTZ high speed dome gives you much better flexibility than a regular dome camera. The pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) features allow for left to

right, up and down and zoom capabilities. It requires a keyboard and a receiver which is usually built in to operate the PTZ functions.

High Speed Dome PTZ Camera-The most sophisticated surveillance camera there is. It has a powerful zoom lens that can pan and tilt in almost

every direction. It is controlled by a separate keyboard with joystick. This is the perfect tool for covering large areas like parking lots

or building perimeters.

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The New Type Of PTZ Dome Cameras From WINSAFE

The New Type Of PTZ Dome Cameras From WINSAFE

Today ,WINSAFE introduces affordably priced indoor and outdoor pan/tilt/zoom dome cameras with 360° pan for overview surveillance and 12x optical zoom for detailed views. Measuring less than 19 cm (7.5″) wide, the compact AXIS P5512/-E PTZ Dome Network Cameras are ideal for stores, banks, warehouses, parking lots, construction sites and business premises.

“With the new AXIS P5512/-E cameras, Axis is making its professional line of PTZ domes even more affordable to any users requiring full 360° pan for broad surveillance coverage, and 12x optical zoom with autofocus for sharp, detailed views,” says Erik Frannlid, Axis’ Director of Product Management. “AXIS P5512/-E cameras enable users to remotely monitor and secure one or more business locations.”

The cameras have day and night functionality, which means that they automatically change to black and white mode in low light conditions for clearer video.

The PTZ dome cameras enable full frame rate 4CIF resolution video in H.264 and Motion JPEG. H.264 greatly optimizes bandwidth and storage use without compromising image quality, while Motion JPEG is supported for increased flexibility. Multiple streams configured at different frame rates or resolution can be sent simultaneously.

The indoor AXIS P5512 has an IP51 rating for protection against dust and dripping water, enabling the camera to function even when a sprinkler system is activated. The camera comes with a mounting kit for hard-ceiling and drop-ceiling, which enables only the moving camera part to be visible for discreet installations.

The outdoor AXIS P5512-E has IP66 and NEMA 4X ratings for protection against rain, snow, sun and dust. No additional enclosures are needed, which saves time and money, and minimizes installation mistakes. Both indoor and outdoor models are powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af, which further simplifies installation since only one cable is required for power, video and PTZ controls.

Audio support in the indoor AXIS P5512 enables users to remotely listen in and communicate with, for example, intruders, and can trigger an alarm when unusual sounds are detected. The indoor camera can also connect to external devices such as sensors and relays to, for example, turn on lights or lock doors. AXIS P5512/-E cameras support AXIS Camera Application Platform, which enables the installation of video analytic applications from Axis’ partners. They also have a built-in SD/SDHC memory card slot that enables recordings to be stored locally.

The cameras are supported by AXIS Camera Station video management software, as well as the industry’s largest base of application software through Axis’ Application Development Partner program.
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An Introduction To WINSAFE RS485 PTZ Camera

An Introduction To WINSAFE RS485 PTZ Camera

A distinctive feature of WINSAFE RS485 is its 360 ° rotation both in horizontal and vertical planes. Due to this feature, new PTZ camera can be recommended both for traditional CCTV systems and objects with extreme environmental conditions. RS485 is equipped with Sony CCD, 36x optical zoom lens and IR illuminator. It generates clear images with 530 TVL resolution at up to 0 lux of minimum illumination. In addition, this PTZ model allows the operator to set up to 165 presets and 8 guarding tours. It also features 4 alarm inputs and high IP68 protection rating.

The original PTZ mechanism provides 360 ° rotation of the camera both in horizontal and vertical planes. For automatic tracking this PTZ camera allows the operator to set up to 8 guarding tours, including up to 60 positions of pan/tilt and zoom lens. In the manual mode, rotation and scaling are carried out using a mouse, keyboard or joystick, supporting Pelco P and D telemetry protocols.

Waterproof metal casing with IP68 protection enables the camera to operate in all weather conditions. Since all the joints of this model are leakproof, this PTZ camera can also operate in water (1 meter). Thus, new camera features the rotation shafts with DuPont teflon coating, which is resistant to adhesive substances and corrosive chemical environments. Camera’s tempered glass with a special coating prevents condensation, scratches and dust settling.

To maintain optimum internal temperature, new PTZ camera has a heater with thermostat and fan, enabling camera usage in temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 C °. Adjustment of heating and ventilating devices operation is carried out by the temperature sensors with the ability to display current temperature on a connected monitor. WINSAFE PTZ camera is also equipped with the special vibration sensor, which ensures the accuracy of its pan/tilt rotation even in extreme weather conditions.

Built-in zoom lens with 3.4 mm – 122.4 mm focal range provides 36x optical zoom, while 1/4 Sony SuperHAD CCD allows PTZ camera to generate clear detailed images with 530 TVL resolution. In addition, this PTZ model has 50 dB S/N ratio, auto white balance, backlight compensation and 24 masking zones in the frame. For Day/Night video surveillance this camera uses IR cut filter, switching RS485 between “Day” and “Night” modes. The sensitivity of RS485 is 0.05 lux in B/W at 1/4 sec of shutter speed.

Video surveillance in total darkness is carried out by using built-in IR illuminator with light-emitting diodes with 850 nm frequency. Pulsed operation of these LEDs reduces power consumption of IR illuminator up to 2 times. IR illumination of PTZ camera can be adjusted automatically, providing balanced area illumination when changing zoom lens viewing angle.

Effective operation of the video camera in CCTV systems is ensured by alarm interfaces. RS485 is equipped with 4 alarm inputs for external alarm sensors and 2 relay outputs to control executive devices. In case of alarm signal PTZ camera allows the operator to set various device algorithms: using presets, the guarding tours launching or activation of the relay output, which can be connected to a siren, lighting and other executive devices.

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Install PTZ Camera For The Best Protection For Your Business Or Even Home

Install PTZ Camera For The Best Protection For Your Business Or Even Home

When you’re looking at getting the best protection for your business or even home, you want to ensure that you are purchasing the right technology to help you monitor things outside. Often time’s buildings get broken into when there is a lack of monitoring equipment to thwart criminals. Looking into an infrared PTZ camera is a great solution to your security needs and can help you ensure that you’re getting assistance with protecting what’s valuable to you. When you look at a variety of sophisticated security equipment, make sure that you’re looking into several different components that make your choice the right one. The following are 3 major elements that you’ll want to investigate before you put your money down.

Strength of Assembly – Make sure that you are spending a great deal of time investigating the tactile strength of your camera choice. You do not want to purchase an item that is going to get hit with wind, rain, or even vandalized and ruined. When the temperature drops or it gets wet, you want something that will withstand that and keep on working. Look for ratings and information on whether or not your choice will in fact stay strong when the elements change.

Visual Resolution – Lenses are important parts of cameras, and when you’re looking to secure a perimeter you’ll need incredible zoom, lighting, and control. The basic level options do not offer this type of control, so make sure that you spend a little more to get a good overall lens that can adjust focus, zoom through lens and digital means and allow you to have ultimate control. Without visual control, lighting, and a good amount of IR light you will end up with a muddled view in low or even high light. Pay close attention to the resolution of any camera you decide to get.

Peripheral Settings – When you purchase your security equipment look into the settings that you can change or just use out of the box. This will help you determine where you can place your item, what different areas work best, and whether or not it’s worth the money. If you find that you are looking at an option that doesn’t have presets, versatility, or isn’t feature rich, question whether or not you want to invest in it.

For serious security and protection make sure that you are looking into a high quality infrared PTZ camera. Do not skimp when you’re narrowing down your search because you could end up with an option that gets vandalized, or broken when the weather changes. Always look for the components above and you’ll be thankful. If your current security system doesn’t have the above things, or it lacks in design aesthetic, it’s time to upgrade. Without proper infrared light, high resolution, and different mounting options, you might as well put a webcam up, as it will not help you. Look for higher end items and you’ll be astonished at how much you can see in broad daylight and darkness. Invest in a good system and you will not have to worry about your home or business, that’s for sure.
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The Truth Application Of PTZ Cameras

The Truth Application Of PTZ Cameras

Though popular, PTZ cameras often create a false sense of security. They make for great demonstrations but are often underutilized or misused.

The use of PTZ cameras varies significantly. Offices and fast food restaurants rarely use PTZ cameras. However, the majority of cameras at shopping malls and public surveillance are PTZs. In general, PTZs are the standard choice for monitoring large public areas.

Here’s a short video demonstration on YouTube of using a PTZ camera in action.
Monitoring large areas: the PTZ camera can be pan, tilted and zoomed to cover hundreds of acres (a few square kilometers). This is not possible with fixed cameras which normally only cover a small area (few hundred square meters).
PTZs can be placed on tours (patterns) that move the camera in a predetermined way to capture areas of interest. For instance, over a 1 minute period, the camera can capture the front door, the gate to the parking lot and the fenceline. The tour can repeat indefinitely.
Operators can control PTZ cameras to track a suspect or respond to a security incident. The operator can zoom in to view and capture fine details like facial features or license plate. The operator can also follow a suspect across a large area.
Because PTZs can cover a wide area, this reduces the cost of coverage per given area.
People love PTZ demos. They are the closest thing the surveillance industry has to movie special effects (see the demo above). It makes people feel excited about the potential.

Service issues: Since PTZs are complex mechanical devices, they tend to have much more frequent service calls and shorter live spans (compared to fixed cameras).
High storage costs: Because PTZs move so frequently, their storage utilization tends to be 2 – 4x higher than a fixed camera with equivalent frame rate and resolution. Motion based recording cannot be used (or it has little savings since the camera continues to move). Plus, encoding motion requires higher bit rates to maintain image quality.
Poorer image quality: PTZ image quality is often poorer than fixed cameras, especially when zoomed in. This is likely a result of smaller chip sizes (1/4″ for PTZs vs 1/3″ inch in fixed cameras) and the much larger focal lengths in PTZs (over 50mm focal length is common for professional PTZs).
Mispositioning of PTZs is common. Operators routinely place (or leave) the PTZ in different positions. While this can be solved by using a ‘home’ functionality, many systems are not configured to use this properly.
Works Poorly over IP Networks: Controlling mechanical PTZs are very sensitive to latency. If the latency is more than a fraction of a second, controlling PTZs become very difficult. This is not an issue for traditional analog systems but a growing problem for IP video. Furthermore, network viewing often requires on screen PTZ controls which are much harder for an operator to use. These issues can be somewhat rectified by using USB joysticks and manufacturer optimizations to reduce latency. However, this is a frequent problem with IP networks.
Higher Per-Camera Cost: Whereas a fixed camera may cost $200 – $500, a PTZ camera with a 15x or greater zoom can cost $1,500 to $3,000. The cost increase is significant.
The demos are unreflective of most real applications. While it’s impressive to see a building a mile away, that ability rarely solves real security problems for users.
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The Market trends Of IP cameras and PTZ Cameras

The Market trends Of IP cameras and PTZ Cameras

IP cameras are also becoming commoditized

IP cameras are becoming commoditized faster than analog. It took about 15 years for pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) domes to be commoditized, and IP cameras are getting commoditized after five or six years. So where is the differentiator? It¡¯s not the cameras, but it comes down to customer service. How do you serve the customer? We are an end-to-end service provider. When you provide an end-to-end solution, you can provide more value, which fights against commoditization.

For the bottom of the market, we are going to have a service-based model with our cloud solution. It¡¯s not about the cameras and features, it¡¯s what service you are providing and at what price and the level of service. At the commoditized bottom of the market, we are offering the hardware and the service, and leveraging our channel to bring solutions to the market.

It seems 360-degree surveillance cameras are gaining momentum.

Number one, the technology has made tremendous progress, and you¡¯re getting the picture quality you need from a technology point of view. Customers are starting to realize that indoor PTZ Cameras applications only fulfilled one part of their need. The cameras never looked at the right place at the right time, so efficiency has been a question. Reliability of mechanical parts has been a problem. Today, with 360 degree cameras, because of the resolution we have now, it may be a better indoor solution instead of a PTZ dome. Will it replace all of it? Probably not. For situational awareness, it is definitely a better technology. Now those products are taking off, and that aspect is growing very rapidly.
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How To Solve The IR Waterproof Camera Image Flickering Problem?

How To Solve The IR Waterproof Camera Image Flickering Problem?
Why IR waterproof camera will appear to flicker? As mentioned earlier, when the illumination intensity is below the threshold, the infrared light to open light. Higher than the threshold is closed. We consider the situation illumination intensity slightly below the threshold: the photosensitive element detects the lighting intensity is slightly lower than the threshold value, the control of infrared light to open after emitting infrared light-emitting —– detection to improve illumination (plus the anti-back to infrared light), and exceeds the threshold value, the control infrared lights off —- led to lower illuminance detected once again control the infrared light is turned on. This back and forth constantly, causing flashing images. This situation is the reason on principle, do not say it is normal, at least not the product quality problems.

The photosensitive element detects the environmental illuminance is slightly below the threshold condition problems , there are two cases
One . Some point in the evening , when , for a short time , the emergence of this issue , if you do not gain back the cost of using the general heart piece , our idea is that users with clear reason to tolerate it .
Two . This problem occurs when the illumination intensity stability , must be addressed .
1 . Changing the threshold .
Same model , the threshold is not the same , there are discrete . Replacement of a product may be the problem is solved .
Provide design thresholds of different products by the manufacturers , to be replaced.
A higher threshold of the product design parameters , at least some of the possibilities appears to flicker.
2 . Changes in the environment
Changing the intensity of the illumination angle .
A slight change in the angle of IR waterproof cameras installed , move it up and down , the detector detects the illumination will have a lot of change , will leave the vicinity of the threshold , so as to solve the flicker problem .
(3) the use of high quality anti-glare illumination with a camera BLC heart piece , especially dedicated IR camera ;
In addition, IR waterproof cameras or other objects near it was the reflection of infrared light , can cause changes in illumination repeatedly detected , causing flicker. For example, doing the demonstration test , testing , the lower the camera installation position , when there are objects close to the camera cover .
This is not a problem , IR waterproof cameras installed in the normal position , this is of course no. When such presentation, as long as careful not to let infrared light back directly from the close proximity to the photosensitive member wants.
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How To Select The Camera For Security Managers

HD Video Conference Camera

Select the camera for security managers, sometimes to distinguish the differences between various camera will be a little difficult. In fact, most of the camera work are substantially the same, but there are some slight differences in technology, it is these differences make them an excellent choice for some occasions, there are many specialized for certain special purposes and applications and design cameras.

The reason why the number of black and white system than the color system is the primary factor in the price of equipment, until now, the price difference between black and white and color systems are still great. The system has been the price is lower than the black and white color a lot, but with the advancement of new technologies as well as more widespread use, both prices are in sharp decline, the spread of color and monochrome systems significantly reduced.

Come to understanding Camera Type

Referred to install the camera system, usually you will think this is very simple, after all, this is only necessary to count the number of cameras, decided to monitor the size of the screen to add processors and recorders only, but is it? Because of this design are not serious attitude often leads to much dissatisfaction installation personnel system.

Security managers when choosing a camera to be installed, usually they consider to black and white or color, cost, practicality and aesthetics. Some managers may also know that many other criteria such as resolution or lens size, but in general, the technical indicators cameras really do not know when everything will be difficult to make a decision.
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The New Type PTZ camera have 8 alarm inputs and 4 alarm outputs at the dome head

PTZ camera

WINSAFE is the Chinese most popular brand of CCTV equipment and can be seen in a vast number of applications across the world from retail outlets and town centres to sports stadiums and banking enterprises. WINSAFE is a private high-tech entity in cctv products and video conference products.We design¡¢produce¡¢sell¡¢and service in all of our CCTV products and video conference products to customers. We offer the good products¡¢good service and good price to the customer. This ensures that the market enjoys a range of products that is both powerful in design but operates with a minimum of complexity. With an in-depth understanding of the market and the advancing technologies, WINSAFE has the ideal solution for your next CCTV project.

WINSAFE is pleased to announce the launch of the VP-960h dome series. This latest generation of the hugely popular PowerDome provides HD quality resolution and has been completely redesigned to provide a consistent look and menu interface across the WINSAFE dome portfolio.

8 alarm inputs and 4 alarm outputs at the dome head, along with 240 presets, 8 preset tours and 8 learn are included as standard on all models.

360 degree continual rotation and variable speed control between 0.10/sec and 3800/sec provides the operator with excellent control, allowing easy tracking of moving objects.

The VP-960h dome is quick to install and is ideal for retail, office and educational environments that are looking for a confident and adaptable PTZ camera that’s complemented with good range of mounting options.

Integrated Sony 960H technology provides up to 25% image quality improvement when used in conjunction with WINSAFE’s 960H range of DVRs. The PTZ camera also continues to offer full backwards compatibility with existing non 960H DVRs ensuring full support for whatever analogue system may already be installed.

PTZ camera lens options have been upgraded to include a 22:1 and 36:1 zoom while the new 36x lens provides an improvement to the PTZ camera ‘s field of view when compared to previous models. Furthermore, the latest generation includes Back Box Memory, meaning that should the dome head require replacing, the PTZ camera settings will be retained.
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Features And Function Of IR Camera Product

WINSAFE SL006CR is one of our new IR Camera products, it is a Flexible High Speed Dome IR Camera, able to provide clear and detailed coverage of wide, open areas like airports, shopping malls, parking lots, retail stores and more, which features tilts up to 180¡ã and pans up to 360¡ã per second to help eliminate blind spots, uses with the PTZ controller to command the camera efficiently and get the right angle easily with the controller.

WINSAFE SL006CR equipped with SONY Effio image sensor, provides the sharp, clear video image with up to 650TVL and 976 x 494 pixels resolution produced by the autofocus lens. It is designed with WDR enhancement and IR-cut filter to improve the video quality in challenging lighting conditions, 30pcs IR LEDs allows WINSAFE SL006CR to monitor in the darkness up to 30m.And the 10x optical zoom allows you to focus on far away objects easily. The 360¡ã per second panning allows you to quickly cover large areas and the 180¡ã tilt capability make it easy to customize the viewing angle.

WINSAFE SL006CR is IP66 rated; it withstands damage from the elements for versatile indoor or outdoor installation. With the wall- and ceiling-mountable bracket, so you can easily place the camera in an area that is well concealed. To enable local or remote operation, control camera movement remotely from your compatible mobile phone, tablet or PC via MASHEN series DVR.

WINSAFE SL006CR is an ideal partner in your surveillance security in the busy environment; you are allowed to take the control in surveillance what you want easily and effectively.
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